Peugeot 207 SW

Outdates estate offers little that its rivals don't

£12,355 - £17,895 Price range

5 Seats

42 - 67 MPG

This is the average score given by leading car publications from 10 reviews
  • Value for money
  • Practical
  • Low running costs
  • Some cheap interior bits
  • Manual gearbox not great
  • Rear seats a little cramped

The Peugeot 207 SW (Station Wagon, or estate to those of us in the UK) is a quirky little supermini that offers a lot more space than the standard hatchback, and lines up against rivals like the Skoda Fabia Estate and SEAT Ibiza ST.

It gains good reviews on the whole, with the road testers liking the extra room inside, and commenting on how well it drives, saying that it’s nimble and easy to park and drive in cities. Its review scores have dipped a little with time though, and nowadays it lags behind the best in class for quality, the way it drives and several other factors.


There are some nice touches inside the cabin – including a split rear tailgate that allows you to raise the window by itself to slot your shopping in more easily – and plenty of thoughtful storage spaces. The boot is usefully-sized too, and adds a welcome dose of practicality to a car of this size.

Having said that, the overall quality of the interior isn’t as good as some, and the experts didn’t like the high driver’s seat, which they say leads to an awkward driving position. It also looks rather dated now, particularly with Peugeot’s own 208 now selling in droves.


The steering is sharp but is let down by poor feedback, a common complaint these days. The ride is composed and stable but a notchy gearbox spoils the driving experience, not helped by a relatively heavy kerb weight, which blunts performance and damages fuel economy.

It delivers an average driving experience on the whole, and once again is made to look dated by the newer 208.


As with most cars these days you can choose from diesel engines that are torquey and economical, or petrol engines that are lively and performance-oriented.

Some experts liked the 1.6-litre VTi 120 petrol engine, saying that it is decently economical, nice to drive, and might well prove to be as economical as its diesel-equivalent in the long term for private owners who don’t cover mega-miles. The HDi diesels are typically good – always a Peugeot strongpoint – with fuel economy well into the 60s (as high as 67 mpg in the most frugal models) and impressive refinement for the class. Pick the HDi 112, and there’s even a useful turn of performance, at little over 11 seconds to 62 mph.

Value for money

The 207 SW range is expensive when you compare it to its rivals, but it is well-equipped. Now that the model is in the twilight of its life, there should also be some deals to be had – some of which you can find by clicking the link below!

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Worth noting

The 207 SW is big enough to carry a washing machine in the boot – not an unimpressive feat by any metric – yet remains surprisingly nimble as estate cars go. It may now be worth looking in other places though – Peugeot recently launched the 2008 crossover, whch does play the style card a little more than the 207 SW but aims to offer similar practicality.


The 207 SW is a good car that is outclassed by its rivals and outdated by its own stablemates. The storage space is thoughtfully designed and will be appreciated by families, but that is offset by average performance and a relatively high purchase price.

If you want one though, grab it now – with the 2008 on the market, the 207 SW is unlikely to last much longer.

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