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The best cars for less than £100 per month 2017-18

Looking for a new set of wheels and want to make sure you get a bargain? We’ve trawled through countless manufacturer finance deals to come up with the best cars you can get for less than £100 per month.

All these cars are available through Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreements. You’ll pay an initial deposit, followed by a series of monthly payments that’ll allow you to drive the car for a set amount of time and for an agreed number of miles. Once the final payment has been paid, you can simply hand the car back with nothing left to pay or buy it outright for a sum set out in your contract.

These are our suggestions, but if you’ve already picked the perfect car, just click ‘login’ in the top-right-hand corner. Then, you can sign in and configure a car that’ll be built exactly to your specification, or browse our extensive range of new, nearly new and used in-stock cars. Still not sure what to buy? Read our lists of the best small cars on sale and the best cars for city driving.

(All prices are correct at time of writing.)

Kia Picanto – £90.96 per month

The Kia Picanto is a compact city car with a bigger boot than most alternatives. Crucially, and unlike most cars on our list, the Picanto comes with front and rear doors as standard so you don’t have to jump out to let your passengers get in the back seats.

Sure, it might struggle to keep up with fast-moving motorway traffic on the motorway and you’ll notice every pothole on rough roads but it comes with a smart, minimalist interior and feels pretty well put together. It also comes with a reassuring seven-year warranty that no other manufacturer can match at this price.

Pay a £2,500 deposit and you can park a Picanto on your drive for three years for just £90.96 per month. This deal – that you’ll find on Kia’s finance website – allows you to drive your new car for up to 5,000 miles every year.

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Suzuki Ignis – £94.12 per month

The Suzuki Ignis is a boxy five-door city car with funky styling and a roomier cabin than most similar-size cars. You won’t find any particularly flashy trims or high-tech features inside but the Ignis’ high roof means there’s enough headroom in the back for adults to get comfy and plenty of space in the boot for a few small suitcases.

The most affordable Ignis’ 1.2-litre petrol engine might not come with any fancy hybrid tech like the more expensive SHVS versions, but it’s perfectly happy pottering around town. It’ll still be pretty cheap to run and doesn’t feel particularly sluggish if you head out onto a motorway.

The deals available on Suzuki’s finance website will let you get behind the wheel of a new Ignis in return for a £3,250 deposit and 37 monthly payments of £94.12. This offer limits your annual mileage to 6,000 miles.

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Toyota Aygo – £99 per month

Toyota’s funky Aygo won’t have much trouble standing out in a crowded car park thanks to its eye-catching front end and colourful two-tone design. It looks pretty left-field inside too, especially if you choose to personalise it with some bright orange dashboard inserts.

It’s not the most spacious small car around and its boot is only big enough for a few soft bags or a small weekly shop but it’s easy to drive and a doddle to park. There’s only one engine available, but it’s a pretty nippy 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol that’ll cost pennies to run.

At 48 months, Toyota’s finance agreement is longer than some others but your annual mileage can be as high as 8,000 miles. You’ll pay a £2,897 deposit and £99 each month.

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Dacia Logan MCV – £99 per month

The Dacia Logan MCV might not look particularly exciting on the outside, but its roomy rear seats and generous boot make it one of the most practical affordable cars on sale. There’s space in the back for adults to get comfy and its easy-to-load boot is far bigger than any other car in our list.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit on the uncomfortable side on rough roads and you’ll hear quite a bit more wind and tyre noise than some more upmarket alternatives at motorway speeds but its big windows make it super-easy to drive around town.

On Dacia’s finance website you’ll find offers for the Logan MCV that’ll set you back £99 per month for 36 months after paying a £2,282 deposit.

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Suzuki Swift – £98.40 per month

The Suzuki Swift is a fun alternative to the likes of the more expensive Ford Fiesta. It doesn’t come with quite as much high-tech kit inside and it feels a little cheaper in places than the Ford but it’s just as roomy and much more fun to drive than most cheap city cars.

The Swift’s small size and big windows help make it a doddle to manoeuvre around town. The 1.2-litre petrol engine you get in entry-level models isn’t particularly perky but it’s still fast enough to keep up with motorway traffic.

A new Swift could set you back from £98.40 each month with a £3,250 deposit as part of Suzuki Finance’s 43-month contract. You’ll be able to drive it for up to 6,000 miles per year.

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Peugeot 108 – £99.58 per month

The Peugeot 108 is a diminutive city car with a frugal three-cylinder engine that’s easy to drive and cheap to run. It’s not particularly spacious, however, and it’s noisy at motorway speeds. Thankfully, it’s a doddle to manoeuvre and a breeze to park so it’s perfect for inner-city driving.

Entry-level models might not come with much flashy equipment but they do sneak in under our £100 monthly budget. Fancy personalising your 108? You can pay a little extra to lavish it with fancy tartan seats, colourful interior trims and some vinyl stickers for the exterior.

Limit your annual mileage to 6,000 miles and hand over a £2,950 deposit and you can park a Peugeot 108 on your drive for £99.58 per month. More details on this 48-month agreement can be found on Peugeot’s finance website.

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Dacia Sandero – £99 per month

The Dacia Sandero is one of the most affordable new cars on sale in the UK, which means you can grab yourself a mid-range model for less than our £100-per-month budget. These Ambiance versions come with remote central locking, electric front windows and an upgraded stereo with an aux audio input and Bluetooth connectivity.

Elsewhere in the Sandero’s cabin, you’ll find space for tall passengers in the back seats, a big boot and four doors as standard to help make it easier to live with every day. It certainly isn’t the most entertaining car to drive but it’s easy to see out of and small enough to squeeze into tight parking spaces.

Deals outlined on Dacia’s finance website will see you handing over a £1,454 deposit (less than most cars on our list) and £99 each month for 37 months.

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