The Best 8 Seater Cars

There aren’t a lot of 8 seater cars on sale at the moment, in fact there are only three. There are other commercial vehicles out there that can fit 8 people, but these are the only family cars up for the job.

We’ve ranked the cars by their buzzScore, which is an overall average of scores given in expert reviews. The higher the buzzScore, the better that critics on aggregate thought the car was. Click through at the link at the bottom to see a full detailed guide to each of the 8 seaters.

No. 3 – Mercedes Viano

Mercedes Viano 8 Seater

The Mercedes Viano is, as you might have guessed from the name, based on a van; this isn’t uncommon in this class but Mercedes haven’t done a very good job of turning their van into an MPV. As a result the Viano is crude and uncomfortable to drive with a poor ride and woeful handling. The engine doesn’t help overcome the problems; the diesel is “loud, slow and crude”.
The seats are very heavy to remove (or even slide) and with all eight in place the boot space is limited. In summary, the Mercedes Viano only makes sense for badge snobs; everyone else should avoid it like the plague.
Price: £24,825 – £41,375
MPG: 23 – 38
buzzScore: 4.0
Mercedes Viano reviews, photos, videos and stats

No2. – Peugeot Expert Tepee

Peugeot Expert Tepee 8 Seater

The Peugeot Expert Tepee only narrowly misses out on our top spot, being nudged out of first place by the Hyundai’s superior driving dynamics. That’s not to say that it’s a bad car, because it’s not. All eight seats are proper armchairs and are very comfortable, even if shoulder room is (like the Hyundai’s) a bit tight. The boot space is vast and if you remove the third row of seats then you can fit pushbikes in there with ease.
It’s reasonably good to drive too and it soon shrinks around you and even parking is (relatively) easy if you specify it with the optional parking sensors. It’s not quite as nice to drive on the open road as the i800, feeling more like the van that it was based on than a car – but then modern vans aren’t all that bad to drive nowadays.
Price: £22,625 – £26,865
MPG: 39 – 40
buzzScore: 6.7
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No.1 – Hyundai i800

Hyundai i800 8 Seater

The Hyundai i800 is the size of a bungalow and has no rivals if you need to carry eight people. Shoulder room might be a tad tight if you’re carrying rugby players but otherwise few people will have cause to complain about the accommodation, no matter where they are seated. All of the seats recline and the middle row slide fore and aft to vary the legroom that’s available, depending on whom you are carrying and where. Oh, and the boot is huge, even if you are using all eight seats, which is just as well as the seats are a pain to remove.
The driver doesn’t get a raw deal either; if you pick the most powerful diesel engine then it’ll have more power than you really need and the handling, ride and steering are all better than you’d imagine and feel distinctly car-like. It’s the best 8-Seater on sale.
Price: £22,700
MPG: 32
buzzScore: 7.1
Hyundai i800 reviews, photos, videos and stats 
We presume you do actually need 8 seats if you’re looking at this article! But just in case 7 will do, then check out our big guide to all the 7 seater cars on sale.
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