Best cars for tall people: 10 cars with the most headroom

Searching for a car with the lowest running costs or the most powerful engine is fairly straightforward. But what if you’re tall and need a car with plenty of headroom?

Finding precise measurements for car interiors can be tricky, which is why we’ve rounded up ten of the most suitable cars for tall people. Picking the best from a range of market segments, we’ve ranked them in order of which offers the greatest amount of front and rear headroom combined. The headroom measurements are from the seat base to the roof lining (ceiling, if you like) of each car. If you’re over 6’3″, then you’ll want to read on!

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10 – Skoda Octavia Estate

Most spacious family car – 983mm front headroom, 995mm rear

If you’re looking for the most spacious alternative to a Volkswagen Golf, then look no further than the Skoda Octavia. Most Skoda models have great interior space and practicality, and the Octavia is no different. Thanks to a more level roofline, the estate model offers an extra 15mm of headroom for back seat passengers compared to the regular Octavia hatchback.

9 – Ford B-MAX

Most spacious supermini – 1,017mm front headroom, 988mm rear

The Ford B-MAX is basically a bigger version of the Fiesta – one of our favourite superminis – but a taller body shape results in more space for passengers inside. Whether sitting front or rear, you’ll be treated to vast reserves of headroom, while from behind the wheel the extra height has done very little to compromise the driving enjoyment found in the regular Fiesta. Better still, the rear sliding doors open to reveal a the passenger compartment without any obstructive door pillars, making getting in and out very easy.

8 – Mercedes C-Class

Most spacious compact executive – 1,039mm front headroom, 942mm rear

In truth, the compact executive class is incredibly closely matched when it comes to headroom: the BMW 3 series offers a negligible 1mm less head space than the Mercedes C-Class overall.

Whichever you choose, there’s an impressive amount of room inside for all. The C-Class also benefits from being one of the most comfortable cars in the segment, which combined with impressive refinement makes it an ideal long distance cruiser for the tall and small.

7 – BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

Most spacious mid-size executive – 1,051mm front headroom, 991mm rear

At first glance, the BMW 5 Series GT may seem like something of a niche vehicle. Although it’s closer in size to the regular 5 Series saloon, it is actually shares its wheelbase (the space between the front and rear wheels) with the 7 Series. As a result, it boasts a big boot with a hatchback opening and gains a more relaxed driving feel than the 5 Series thanks to a softer, more comfortable ride.

The higher roofline makes it more spacious, too: not only is the headroom more generous front and rear than in the normal 5 Series, but legroom is a closer match to luxury limousines costing twice as much.

6 – Mercedes GLE

Most spacious five-seater SUV – 1,059mm front headroom, 992mm rear


If you’ll never need more than five seats in your SUV, then the Mercedes GLE – formerly known as the ML-Class – offers the most headroom.The gap between the base of the seat and the roof measures just over a metre in the front and just under in the rear – more than enough for four tall adults to get comfy with ease. It’s great off road too, so no matter how rugged the terrain, head/roof clashes should be kept to an absolute minimum.

5 – Mercedes S-Class

Most spacious luxury saloon – 1,069mm front headroom, 995mm rear

It’s quite normal to associate space with luxury, so it is fitting that the Mercedes S-Class – one of the most opulent saloons on the market – makes it into our top five. While the 996mm of rear headroom is more than adequate as is, the rear seats can recline as an optional extra, so that even the biggest of bigwigs wearing big wigs will fail to foul the headlining.

4 – Audi Q7

Most spacious seven-seat SUV – 1,071mm front headroom, 1,016mm rear

The latest Audi Q7 improves on the outgoing model in almost every measurable way: it’s faster, more efficient, lighter and better to drive than ever.

It’s more spacious too. Front seat occupants are treated to an extra 68mm of headroom over the old model, while rear passengers gain 25mm. Not that the old one was pokey, mind you…

3 – Fiat Qubo

Most spacious mini-MPV – 1,063mm front headroom, 1,049mm rear

Part van, part MPV, the Fiat Qubo looks modestly sized on the road, but sit inside and you’ll discover just how enormous it really is. That’s thanks to the fact that the Qubo was designed as a van first and a car second. Although this means that some rivals are more refined and better equipped, the Fiat has them all licked for practicality, while representing fantastic value for money, too.

2 – Skoda Yeti

Most spacious crossover – 1,027mm front headroom, 1,088mm rear

The Skoda Yeti has garnered glowing reviews from critics for offering a no-nonsense approach to the crossover class. It’s well-screwed together, decent to drive, and – if you opt for one of the four-wheel drive versions – can even do a decent job off road.

Then there’s the space inside. With almost 1.1 metres of rear headroom, you can go hat shopping or practice in-car juggling to your heart’s content.

1 – Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

Most headroom of any car on sale – 1,200mm front headroom, 1,120mm rear

As with the Fiat at number three, the most spacious car for headroom on our list was originally designed to be a van. As a result, the Ford Grand Tourneo Connect represents fantastic value for money in the seven-seat MPV class, and cabin space is unrivalled.

Not only can it cater for seven adults with ease, but it can carry 322 litres-worth of their trinkets at the same time. If practicality and a low purchase price are your two most important factors when buying a car, then the Tourneo is an absolute must.

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Skoda Octavia Estate

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Mercedes C-Class

Small executive saloon that's luxurious and refined
£28,295 - £47,455
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Ford Tourneo Connect

A bargain MPV that comes with five or seven seats
£16,545 - £21,245
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