What is Ford Titanium trim? Is it worth it?

Choosing which trim level to go for is often a difficult decision – justifying splashing out on a top-of-the-range model is even harder. Ford’s range-topping trims come in the form of the Titanium and Titanium X, but are they worth it? A Titanium-trimmed car costs around £1,500 more than the Zetec models which, themselves, cost around £3,000 more than a basic model. Remember to use our car configurator to get the best deals on offer from the UK’s top dealers.


There are few drastic changes between Titanium and Zetec models from the outside with the most obvious change being the wheel rims – Titanium models gets 10 or 15-spoke alloy wheels as opposed to the Zetec’s six or eight. This gives the Titanium an exclusive, more upmarket edge. It’s clear the Zetec has a sportier flair, whereas the Titanium adds sophistication to proceedings.

Whether a Ka or a Mondeo, the Titanium’s exterior also includes chrome trim – most prominently around the front fog lights and the door-edges. All-in-all these extras give the Titanium a more classy feel than the Zetec offers. Titanium X models add a different set of alloys, too.


Just like the Zetec, standard kit is dependant on the car you choose, but where there was air conditioning, you’ll now find climate control. Rain sensing wipers and automatic headlights are also standard on all Titanium-trimmed cars. In the Mondeo and S-Max, you’ll get Ford’s integrated navigation system along with traffic sign recognition and a lane-sensing safety system. The Titanium X gets even more clever features like bi-xenon auto-dipping headlights for those dark nights and a park-assist system that’ll be handy in town. Even the Fiesta benefits from cruise control along with an auto-dipping rearview mirror. In terms of interior trim, Titanium models get velour carpets and the option of a leather interior.

Is it worth the money?

If you want a refined drive with lots of tech, the Titanium trim is your best bet. They’re good value too – you get a lot more kit for the money than you would with more premium brands. In the UK, Ford sells disproportionately more Titanium models than it does elsewhere meaning British tastes are a little more expensive than our European and American cousins. If you’re after a sportier feel, however, you’d be better off going for a Zetec or Zetec S – although they aren’t as well-equipped, standard specification is still generous. For more information, our Zetec guide will give you an idea of what they offer.

What next?

Whether it’s a Titanium model or not, carwow can save you money off your new Ford – use our car configurator to get the best deals from the best dealers. Alternatively, read our fully aggregated Ford reviews to pick which would suit you. If you’re looking for something else, let our car chooser help narrow down your search.