Jaguar XF colours guide and prices

The latest version of the Jaguar XF, introduced in 2015, is set to take on the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class in the large-saloon market.

Where the XF stands out from the competition is with its swooping, handsome looks. It is, therefore, especially important that you pick a good colour to show off its shape – and Jaguar will offer you 17 different shades when you order your new XF.

Don’t know your metallic from your pearlescent paint? Remember to read our car paint types guide to see the differences between each type of paint available.

Solid paint finishes

Ebony Black – £0

The darkest shade in the XF’s line-up, Ebony Black is a traditional businesslike colour that suits the character of the XF well. You’ll want to keep it spotless for that perfect glossy shimmer, and it’ll be easy to sell on too. The only problems are it hides the extra styling cues of the higher-spec XF S models and it will show scratches more easily than lighter colours.

Polaris White – £0

White is a very popular colour and it suits the XF well, especially the sporty XF S model. Resale values will be good and you shouldn’t have problems selling the vehicle on. You will need to budget for frequent trips to the car wash as it’ll show up road grime almost instantly.

Metallic paint finishes

Ammonite Grey – £675

This is your traditional gunmetal grey. This is for those wanting a classy look without attracting too much attention. It won’t need regular cleaning and it’ll be popular on the used market so it should be an easy colour to sell once you’re finished with your XF.

Aurora Red – £675

A deep, almost plum-like colour, Aurora Red is for those wanting a dark shade of paint without having to resort to the traditional greys and blacks. It hides quite a few of the XF’s creases and styling lines and it won’t be as popular on the used market as traditional colours, so its resale value might be slightly lower as a result. It won’t need cleaning on a regular basis though.

British Racing Green – £675

If ever there was a classic colour, this is it. Due to its history we suspect it’ll be a popular choice for those not wanting the usual greys blacks and silvers – it’s brighter than it looks in the configurator image above too. I

Dark Sapphire – £675

One of only two blue paint options here, Dark Sapphire is the lighter of the two and perfectly suits the silhouette of the XF. It should be a popular choice meaning demand for such vehicles will be high when the time comes to sell. It shouldn’t need washing all that regularly but keep cleaned and polished for the best look to really make use of its metallic sparkle.

Glacier White – £675

A classier look than Polaris White, this’ll be a very popular choice for those wanting the look of the moment. The metallic flakes in the paint will make it sparkle more vibrantly under bright lights than the solid white option above.

Italian Racing Red – £675

For the more extroverted among you, this shade gives the XF a distinctly more racy look. You’ll need to keep it cleaned and polished for the best appearance, but the reward is a car that stands out from the legions of grey cars on UK roads.

Odyssey Red – £675

A slightly lighter shade than Aurora Red, it’ll be popular amongst those wanting a distinctive colour without causing any kerbside attention. It’s a more traditional and darker shade than Italian Racing Red.

Quartzite – £675

An unusual colour but one that suits the businesslike look of the XF really well. It’ll hide road grime quite well so regular trips to the car wash won’t be necessary – perfect if your XF will be a company car and you’re likely to spend lots of time doing long motorway trips.

Rhodium Silver – £675

A traditional silver that you’d find on many other cars. It slightly hides the chrome detailing of the XF but when specified on the XF S it this could work in your favour – few will suspect the powerful engine hiding under the bonnet. It’ll hide scratches very well and it goes well with the appearance of road grime meaning you won’t need to wash it all too often.

Ultimate Black – £675

Like the name says, this is the poshest black available on the XF. Metallic flakes will give it a shimmer under bright lights that the solid black just won’t offer. Just bear in mind that scratches and swirl marks will show up more easily than on lighter colours though.

Premium palette paint finishes

Black Berry – £1,700

This is a lighter and slightly plum-coloured shade of Ultimate Black. Just be aware that you’re unlikely to get £1,700 extra for your XF when you come to sell it on – buy these expensive paints because you like the colour, not as an investment.

Storm Grey – £1,700

As with Black Berry, Storm Grey emphasises the XF’s mean-looking LED daytime running lights and gives Jaguar’s saloon a delightful shimmer under bright lights.

Tempest Grey – £1,700

Another shade of grey, and one that works well with the XF’s optional black alloy wheels and window-surround trims.

Celestial Black – £1,700

Celestial Black is more a seriously deep shade of blue than a black. It works well with the chrome detailing but it does hide some of the XF’s distinctive styling elements. You’ll need to clean and polish it to make full use of its £1,700 asking price.

Ingot – £1,700

A lighter shade of Quartzite, this is a colour for those wanting to show that they’ve spent the extra. It’s a classy colour and one that enhances the XF’s business character.

Save money on the Jaguar XF

Now you’ve seen the colour options, see what other toys and gadgets you can add in our Jaguar XF configurator – then the UK’s best dealers will get in touch to show you how much you could save on the list price.

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