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Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507 – Quick Drive Review

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class was one of the first road-going Mercedes to be hit by AMG’s tuning stick, and there’s been a ludicrously fast model in the range ever since.

The Edition 507 is the hottest of the C63 AMG range, featuring as it does a healthy 49 bhp power boost and another eight pounds-feet of torque, taking each total to 500 horses and 450 lb-ft.

This, as you can imagine, makes the C63 Edition 507 fairly rapid. The national speed limit passes in just 4.2 seconds (even if you don’t intend it to) and the usual 155 mph speed limiter has been stealthily raised to 174 mph.

It’s fantastic. Even if you can only use a fraction of it on British roads. Lean on the throttle for more than a few seconds from more or less any speed and you’re putting your license at risk. This would be frustrating if those brief moments weren’t so intoxicating, but thankfully there’s more to the C63’s repertoire than suddenly making objects on the horizon much larger.

There’s the sound as it does so, for a start. If you’ve ever watched a NASCAR race late at night on ESPN, you’ll be familiar with the V8’s bark. Then there’s the joy of simply having that much potential – knowing you can stampede past a dawdler at a moment’s notice or join a fast-moving outside lane with an ankle flex. Commanding the C63’s shove is like walking around town with a cheetah on a leash; a satisfying feeling even when it isn’t bolting along at full lick.

It is also a Mercedes, with all the benefits that entails. You don’t feel hard done-by driving slowly because you’re still in a beautifully-trimmed (white and black leather and alcantara) cabin with reams of in-car entertainment and a silken automatic gearbox.

The ride is a little firm – like all AMGs or indeed anything German and vaguely sporty – but the payoff is tarmac-rippling grip and a poised chassis. Our brief test route didn’t allow many opportunities for hooliganism, but suffice to say it’s entirely possible given the right environment.

Mercedes will even provide you with professional driver training if you buy one, at one of five racetracks in Germany.


Our test car cost 74,525, or 67,270 before options. It is absolutely worth it, if you’re lucky enough to have one on your shopping list. There’s little point comparing it to fast Audis, or BMWs, or Jaguars. All suit slightly different buyers and much as magazines love to pigeonhole them all, no one car is better than the other on a truly objective level.

The C63 looks great. It’s more than sufficiently fast, wonderful to sit in and potters as well as it blasts. Buy one and do it justice on the Autobahn.

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