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Mercedes E-Class colours guide and prices

The latest Mercedes E-Class looks set to be a big hit in the executive saloon market. Compared to the model it replaces it has sharper styling, a vastly improved interior and cleaner engines.

We’ve put together this colours guide to help you decide which shade to pick when you place your E-Class order. Colour is an important decision – choose wisely and it won’t be a bother to keep clean and it’ll be easier to sell on. If you don’t know your solids from your specials then our car paints guide explains all you need to know.

The E-Class comes in a total of 11 shades – two solid, six metallic and three special ‘designo’ hues. All of them are available with any trim level so you should have no problem finding your perfect colour match.

Solid paints

Black – £0

Most cars look great in black, and the E-Class is no exception. Paired with some large alloys wheels it looks mean and sporty, although those versions with smaller alloys might look like they’re about to do an airport run with a chauffeur behind the wheel.

Polar white – £0

White is a very popular colour among new car buyers, and this solid shade keeps the new E-Class looking fresh and crisp. Admittedly the lack of a metallic base might make some passers-by mistake it for a continental taxi, but most won’t, and if you like white then this is probably the shade to go for.

Metallic paints

Cavansite blue metallic – £645

A dark blue shade tends to look classy, especially on a car as handsome as the E-Class. It’s a wonder that more people don’t choose a blue then, but it means it’s a more individual choice than the usual blacks and silvers, plus it ides dirt well.

Iridium silver metallic – £645

Silver is always a very safe choice for a new car, and this metallic shade is a popular choice on a variety of Mercedes models. It’s not the most inspiring of colours, but will be relatively easy to keep clean and hold its value well.

Obsidian black metallic – £645

Although the solid black is free, many buyers will prefer the more premium look that this metallic paint offers. There’s a subtle metal flake in the paint that looks rather sultry in person, although beware of cheap hand car-washes — they might leave your new motor covered in swirls.

Diamond silver metallic – £645

The E-Class’ second shade of silver is a lot more interesting than its first — Diamond Silver Metallic has a very faint blue hue. It complements the Mercedes’ standard LED daytime running lights, as well as its graceful lines.

Kallaite green metallic – £645

Green is a colour that hasn’t yet had its come-back, and to be honest we can see why. Admittedly Kallaite is more of a dark turquoise, but we can’t really imagine many buyers choosing it over one of the more typical colours. Still, if you want your E-Class to stand out then this might just end up being the rarest shade on the road.

Selenite grey metallic – £645

Dark grey cars don’t tend to look the most interesting, but this muted shade actually suits the E-Class quite well and could be a good option for those wanting a dark car that’s easy to clean. We think Selenite works well with smaller alloy wheels, too.

Designo paints

Designo Diamond white – £895

It’s surprising that Mercedes only offers two different white shades on the E-Class, and although most buyers will probably end up choosing the solid shade, at least this designo shade differentiates itself as a more expensive choice. There’s five layers of paint on these more expensive paints, giving more of a sheen even in intense sunlight.

Designo Hyacinth red – £895

Although red tends to be a hallmark of sportier cars, the E-Class wears it surprisingly well because this is more of a stylish light burgundy than a vibrant rouge. It’s also going to be one of the rarest shades, and not just because it’s a little more expensive, but also because buyers might be wary of damaging residuals. Still, we think that this hyacinth red looks stunning.

Designo Selenite grey magno — £1,795

Matte paint used to be the preserve of aftermarket tuners and boy-racers, but thanks to its popularity with the rich and famous, many marques are offering it straight from the factory. Mercedes’ ‘Magno’ range of paints is just one of these, and the matte grey look really does make the E-Class stand out. It’s up to you whether you think it’s worth the lofty price though, and matte paints are also tricky to clean.

Save money on your new Mercedes E-Class

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