Tesla Model X sizes and dimensions guide

The Tesla Model X is the long-awaited crossover from upstart American company Tesla. It promises an all-electric range of over 300 miles and ‘ludicrous’ performance and space for up to seven people – the car launches in the UK in late 2016, but is it worth jumping on the long waiting list?

To help you decide, we’ve pulled together dimensions data for the Model X so you’ve got the information at your fingertips. It’ll save you breaking out the tape measure in the virtual dealership, and it should give you an idea on whether the Tesla will fit in your garage.

Tesla Model X exterior dimensions

The Model X is undeniably a large car, but clever packaging of the batteries and motors means it has an incredibly spacious cabin. Its five-metre length is comparable to the Range Rover Sport and Audi Q7, both of which it competes with in terms of price and prestige. The Tesla is lower than these rivals, but you’ll likely be glad of the proximity sensors in the falcon doors when you’re opening them in a multi-storey car park.

Exterior dimensions
Length 5,037mm
Width (mirrors folded) 2,271mm (2,070mm)
Height 1,684m

Tesla Model X interior dimensions

The Model X has a larger cabin than many of its rivals because it simply doesn’t have to squeeze an engine up front. This means that it’s even larger inside than the Volvo XC90, one of the class leaders in terms of space for seven – adults should fit in the third row of the Tesla no problem. The Model X also has a portrait-mounted infotainment system like the XC90, but again the Tesla goes one further with a screen that’s nearly twice the size.

Interior dimensions
Headroom (front/second/third row) 1,059mm/1,038mm/942mm
Legroom (front/second/third row) 1046mm/975mm/831mm

Tesla Model X boot space

Tesla hasn’t yet released figures for boot space, but it’s safe to say that it will be a very practical option for families. The Model X’s batteries sit at the very bottom of the vehicle, so the rear two rows of seats can easily fold flat to give ample space for trips to the dump. Up front, there’s also a space where the oily bits would be in a conventionally-engined car – apparently there’s room for a double buggy. Total storage volume is said to be 2,180 litres, but that no doubt includes the under-bonnet space, too.

Boot space
Boot space (rear seats up) TBC
Boot space (rear seats folded) TBC

Tesla Model X battery capacity and turning circle

Tesla offers three different versions of the Model X – one with a 75KwH battery, and two with a 90KwH battery. What this means to most people is a range of between 259 and 303 miles, depending on which version you choose. Charging is free at Tesla’s network of Superchargers, and they enable the Model X to achieve around half its charge in 30 mins. A turning circle of 12.4 metres isn’t great, but is widely comparable to other SUVs.

Battery capacity and turning circle
Battery capacity 75KwH-90KwH
Turning circle 12.4 metres

Tesla Model X weight and towing limits

The heavy batteries and large size of the Model X mean that it’s a heavy car – for example, the Volvo XC90 T8 hybrid also has plug-in power and it weighs 2,343kg, however it also has a combustion engine to drag around as well. However the Tesla still isn’t as porky as something like the Land Rover Discovery (2,622kg), and it actually has some towing abilities unlike most hybrids – 2,000kg is roughly comparable to a Discovery Sport.

Weight and towing limits
Weight 2,391-2,441kg
Towing limit 2,000kg

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Tesla Model X

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