Toyota Yaris colours guide and prices

The Toyota Yaris has become a mainstay in the supermini market, offering a well-equipped reliable alternative to the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa. It’s both fairly cheap to run and very easy to drive, too – especially the ultra-frugal hybrid models.

If you’re keen to personalise the Yaris to your own tastes, what options do you have? Toyota provides 10 different exterior paint colours to choose from, so we’ve taken a look at the Yaris configurator to look at each in more detail.

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Solid paint finishes

To call these the budget options is slightly doing them a disservice. The solid paint finishes may be the cheapest, but the quality of the finish is just as high as any other hue – they just sparkle less than the metallic options.

Chilli Red – £0

This bright scarlet is the only no-cost option in the Yaris paint range. You won’t be spending a penny for it at the start, so any small losses at the other end for not speccing a car with metallic paint will be minimal.

Pure White – £250

Perhaps taking advantage slightly of the popularity of white cars, Toyota charges for the privilege even with this non-metallic option. It is, however, still cheaper than the metallic shades below.

Metallic paint finishes

Toyota charges £495 to apply metallic paint to the Yaris. Keep them clean, and they’ll sparkle in bright light, while the mix itself is protected with a coat of clear lacquer, so they’re just as hard-wearing as any other option.

Decuma Grey – £495

This dark metallic grey is one of the better shades in the Yaris range for hiding dirt, though a slightly plain colour such as this isn’t quite as desirable applied to a supermini than it might be on a larger premium car.

Avantgarde Bronze – £495

Closer to a pale gold than the bronze that its name suggests, it won’t be to everyone’s tastes. It will be arguably the best at hiding long periods between washes though. Avantgarde Bronze is not available in Sport trim.

Island Blue – £495

Island Blue is one of the more popular colour options in the Yaris range, and therefore will be a sound financial choice, as well as a desirable one.

Sintra Blue – £495

Although it’s a shade which needs to be kept clean to look its absolute best, Sintra Blue should maintain fairly strong residual values over the years. Just don’t fool yourself that picking this colour will give you the vocals of a popular 50s crooner…

Eclipse Black – £495

This fairly standard shade of black will be popular on the used car market, so buyers should have very few qualms about picking it. We think it works well with the chrome line on the Yaris’s grille.

Burning Red – £495

A slightly deeper shade than Chilli Red, this lively colour should attract plenty of attention when the time comes to sell. It’ll require fewer washes than a white car, but some duller shades will be more ‘low maintenance’.

Tyrol Silver – £495

Tyrol Silver is the name of the standard silver tint available throughout the Toyota range. Very few people will actively dislike it, so it should be good for residual values when you want to swap it for something newer a few years down the line.

Special paint finishes

Occasionally, car manufacturers will offer one or two more pricey shades which flatter the car the most. This can sometimes be a result of a tinted clearcoat adding extra depth to the paint, or often pearlescent flakes – tiny prism-like pieces of plastic – replacing metallic flakes in the mix.

Glacier Pearl – £660

We spent two weeks with a Yaris Hybrid earlier in 2015, and our test car was presented in Glacier Pearl. It may be the most expensive choice here, but it really makes it look that little bit more special. It’ll still be a faff to keep clean, but you should see at least some return on the £660 cost when it comes to trade-in time.

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