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What are Suzuki SZ3, SZ4 and SZ5 trims?

Suzuki produces a range of cars ideally suited to the motorist on a budget. Whether you choose the Celerio city car, the Vitara crossover or anything in between, each model in the range offers competitive value for money.

Just because they’re cheap to buy doesn’t mean that equipment levels have been scrimped on, either. Throughout the Suzuki range, the trim levels are designated with an SZ prefix, usually followed by a number. Here we look at the SZ3, 4 and 5 trim levels, what they offer and how much you should expect to pay.


Within the Suzuki lineup, SZ3 is positioned as either an entry-level or middle of the range trim. It’ll offer most of the basic features that most buyers look out for, including:


The SZ4 trim, meanwhile, adds a few fancier gadgets that make life that little bit more convenient every day. The Celerio SZ4 gains polished alloy wheels and electric windows front and rear, while larger Suzuki models gain the following:


The largest models in the Suzuki range, the Vitara and the SX4 S-Cross, have a top level trim called SZ5. This is the trim level to have if you want all the bells and whistles. Standard SZ5 features include:

So how much do these trim levels cost relative to each other? Those looking to make the upgrade from SZ3 to SZ4 should expect to pay from £1,000-£2,100 extra (the former for the Celerio and the latter for the Swift), while the SZ5 adds £2,000-£4,000.

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