Cars with Android Auto

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What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a Google-developed smartphone mirroring system, which allows you to replicate some of the functions of your smartphone on your car’s touchscreen display. For instance, using Android Auto means you can bypass the car’s built-in sat-nav in favour of your preferred navigation app, or use the Google Assistant feature to dictate and send text messages.

Which cars come with Android Auto?

Below are all the cars you can buy brand new on carwow that are available with Android Auto. For the most part, Android Auto comes as standard on all the cars we’ve listed – though, in some cases, Android Auto may only be available as higher trim levels, or only be offered as an optional extra. Make sure you check the specs of the car you’re looking at to make sure.


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Android Auto FAQs

How do I use Android Auto?

Depending on the car, you may be able to connect your Android smartphone to your car with a USB cable or wirelessly. For a wired setup, connect your phone to the car’s infotainment system via the USB port. If you haven’t used Android Auto on the car before, you’ll need to go through a set-up process – for all times after that, you’ll just need to press a button on your smartphone to activate Android Auto.

For a wireless connection, you’ll need to pair your phone in a similar manner to how you’d make a Bluetooth connection, by using the car’s infotainment screen menus to search for and connect to your phone. If this is the first time you’ve used Android Auto on the car, you’ll also need to go through an initial set-up phase, though all future connections will just need you to press a button on the screen.

Once you’ve made a wired or wireless connection, your car’s touchscreen display will show a homepage that will look similar to your smartphone menu. From here, you’ll be able to make calls, access apps and (if they’ve been enabled) make voice commands using the Google Assistant feature.

What phones are compatible with Android Auto?

All Android smartphones running Android 6.0 work with Android Auto, so your phone should be compatible even if it’s a few years old. Check your phone’s settings to see what software it’s using, and whether you need to update it.

On Android phones using Android 9.0 or less, you will need to download the Android Auto app for free from the Google Play Store in order for it to work with your car. For Android phones running Android 10.0 or newer, the Android Auto app is already pre-installed on the device, and Android phones running Android 11.0 come out of the box with wireless Android Auto connectivity.

Depending on the car you’re looking at (especially if it’s a nearly new or used one), it may not be able to connect to your phone. It’s therefore handy to have a USB cable on hand, to ensure you can pair your phone up to the car.

What if I don’t own an Android phone?

You won’t be able to use Android Auto if you don’t have a smartphone that’s running Android, though you may still be able to connect your phone to the car. If you have an iPhone, you may be able to pair your phone to the car via Apple CarPlay, which is Apple’s equivalent of Android Auto. 

Some car infotainment systems are also fitted with MirrorLink, which as its name suggests allows you to mirror some of your smartphone’s functionalities on the touchscreen display.

To find out which mirroring system the car you’re interested in buying has, check out the specs on the carwow review, or contact a dealer.

Are there any downsides to Android Auto?

If your car has a digital driver’s display in place of traditional analogue dials, you won’t be able to use that display for Android Auto features. This is because Android Auto is only compatible with a car’s infotainment display on the centre console. 

In order for Android Auto to work, you will also need to have access to mobile data coverage. Therefore, some of the systems may not work well if you happen to drive through an area with limited or poor reception.

For many cars, you can only connect your Android smartphone to it via Android Auto with a USB cable that you plug into a USB slot – though some cars do now allow you to pair your Android smartphone wirelessly. In contrast, if your car supports Apple CarPlay, a wired connection isn’t necessary for your iPhone as the Apple CarPlay systems works wirelessly. 

Which cars don’t come with Android Auto?

Some car brands don’t offer Android Auto at all on their cars. Examples of car makers that don’t make any cars available with Android Auto at the time of writing include Tesla, Mini and even Rolls-Royce.