Mercedes GLC Coupe Review

The Mercedes GLC Coupe is a stylish alternative to the standard GLC that’s just as nice to travel in, but alternatives have more spacious cabins, bigger boots and better infotainment.


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What's good

  • Stylish looks
  • Posh interior
  • Good range for engines

What's not so good

  • Cramped rear headroom
  • Alternatives are more fun…
  • …And come with bigger boots

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Overall verdict

The Mercedes GLC Coupe is a car that tries to combine the practicality and raised driving position of an SUV with the styling of a low-slung coupe. Not an easy task.

Just like the BMW X4 and the Porsche Macan, the Mercedes GLC Coupe’s slinky roof means it looks quite a bit sportier than your average upmarket SUV. Avert your eyes from its slinky top-half, however, and you’ll notice its aggressive bumpers, wrap-around headlights and huge alloy wheels look pretty much identical to what you get on the standard GLC.

It’s a similar story inside, too – where the Mercedes GLC Coupe’s cabin looks and feels just as posh as its more practical sibling. You get loads of neat brushed metal trims, convincing soft and supple leatherette and plenty of posh soft-touch plastics.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. The lovely dual-screen infotainment system you can get in most new Mercedes is noticeably absent from the GLC Coupe. Instead, you get some conventional analogue dials and a separate free-standing display that doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the Mercedes GLC’s elegant interior.

At least you’ll be sitting comfortably while you mess about with the GLC’s slightly fiddly infotainment system. There’s plenty of adjustment in the front seats and enough headroom for you to get comfy in the front if you’re quite tall.

Don’t let the Mercedes GLC’s athletic styling fool you – it’s no jacked-up sports car. Instead, you’ll find it’s a comfortable and relaxing motorway cruiser.

Mat Watson
carwow expert

You can’t exactly say the same about the back seats, though. Sure, you don’t expect this coupe SUV to be quite as roomy as the standard GLC, but anyone over six-foot tall will struggle for headroom and the small rear windows make things feel quite claustrophobic.

You won’t have a particularly easy time packing the GLC’s boot with luggage, either. It isn’t as roomy as the standard GLC or the BMW X4 and you can’t store as many tall boxes beneath its sloping windscreen as in the boxier GLC. Still, you can always flip the back seats down if you need to carry some seriously bulky stuff, such as a bike, without any issues.

Every Mercedes GLC Coupe comes with four-wheel drive as standard – handy if you’ll be traipsing to and from a lot of downhill biking trails – and a smooth nine-speed automatic gearbox to help take the stress out of stop-start traffic.

It isn’t quite as easy to see out of as the standard GLC – most noticeably looking backwards when you’re parking – but you get an equally lofty driving position and the same suite of (albeit optional) driver aids that’ll accelerate, brake and steer for you on motorways.

Speaking of motorways, the Mercedes GLC’s diesel engines make light work of long journeys, but there’s also a pair of petrol versions that’ll be more economical in town. It’s a shame that the Mercedes GLC Coupe’s standard suspension doesn’t do a particularly good job ironing out bumps, but you can pay extra to get it with air suspension, which helps to soften the unpleasant thud over large potholes.

Of course, you can also have all these features in the more affordable and practical Mercedes GLC. However, if you don’t often carry passengers and fancy something that’ll have no trouble standing out in a crowd of boxy SUVs, then the GLC may be right up your street.

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