Cupra Raval on sale in 2025: new entry-level EV

May 22, 2023 by

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The new Cupra Raval concept will go on sale in 2025, and it’s a small EV which should come in at under £30,000. It’s based on the UrbanRebel concept from a couple of years ago, and it could have up to 280 miles of range. 

  • New Cupra Raval on sale in 2025
  • Small electric hatchback
  • Based on the UrbanRebel concept
  • Single motor front-wheel-drive layout
  • Over 273 miles of range
  • Should cost less than £30,000
  • On sale in 2025

This is the new Cupra Raval. It’s an electric city car based on the UrbanRebel concept from a couple of years ago, and it should come in well under £30,000.

It’ll also share parts from the forthcoming Volkswagen ID. 2all concept, meaning it could have more than 220hp.

Cupra Raval design

Back in 2021, Cupra revealed the UrbanRebel, and it was one of their most outlandish designs ever. Although losing the insanely big rear wing, the new UrbanRebel concept has the massive front grille and hunkered down proportions of a purpose-built racing car.

While the UrbanRebel won’t go on sale in this form, the general design will live on in the new Cupra Raval

You can see that this concept shares a similar design at the front, albeit with less of the racy elements. The grille and front splitter are much less dramatic on the new UrbanRebel concept, however there are still some large air intakes giving it a sporty look.

Looking at the rear, while the wing has been toned down it’s still pretty prominent on the road-going version. you can also see a chunky diffuser making an appearance lower down. The tail lamps are slim LED units, and there’s a light-up Cupra logo in the centre.

The side of the car is strewn with bold creases and angles, giving it a muscular look for a small supermini. It certainly looks a lot more sporty than the Volkswagen ID. 2all concept which it’s likely to share parts with.

Cupra Raval concept batteries and motors

The Cupra Raval is powered by a single motor on the front wheels which puts out 234hp, and can accelerate from 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds. This is likely to be a tweaked version of the motor in the Volkswagen ID. 2all concept.

The exact battery size hasn’t been confirmed yet, however don’t be surprised if it uses the same battery as the new small Volkswagen model.

Cupra says this concept has 273 miles of range, however it’s not confirmed how far the production version will be able to go.

Cupra Raval concept interior and infotainment

The cabin of the new Cupra Raval concept has a futuristic look to it, and there’s plenty of technology on board. The most notable example is the huge curved infotainment screen and digital drivers display.

Elsewhere, the steering wheel has been designed to look like a games console controller and features a four-spoke design. Being a concept car, it’s not clear how much of this will make production.

When will the Cupra Raval go on sale?

This new electric car is due to go on sale in 2025, alongside the cars from Skoda and Volkswagen – potentially called Elroq and ID. 2all respectively – based on the same platform.

As for price, the UrbanRebel will sit below the Cupra Born in the lineup, and prices are set to start at below £30,000.

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