New Ineos Fusilier revealed: honey I shrunk the Grenadier 

February 23, 2024 by

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Ineos has pulled the covers back on the new Fusilier, a new, rugged SUV which will be offered with all-electric power. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Ineos Fusilier revealed
  • Smaller than the Grenadier
  • Similar styling to that car
  • Available as an EV or a range extender
  • Sales start in the autumn

This is the new Ineos Fusilier, and it’s an all-electric SUV which sits below the Grenadier in the range. It’ll also be available as a range extender with a small petrol engine to keep the battery topped up on long trips.

It retains similar styling to the larger Ineos Grenadier, with plenty of boxy angles and chunky details. The Fusilier will be available to order in the autumn.

New Ineos Fusilier design

While the Ineos Grenadier may look like an old Land Rover Defender, there’s something of the Mercedes G Wagon about the new Fusilier. Those round LED headlights and the square grille look very similar to that car.

This theme continues down the side with the squared-off wheel arches and the black trim strips across the doors. Even the push button door handles are similar to the G Wagon’s. It is a bit shorter than the Mercedes though, with it looking quite stubby from the side.

Things get less G-Wagon-esque at the back, where the Fusilier doesn’t have a rear-mounted spare wheel. The round headlights are also unique to this car, as are the barn doors. It’s certainly a bold-looking thing from all angles, a bit like a Grenadier which was washed on too hot a setting.

New Ineos Fusilier engines and motors

Ineos is keeping its cards close to its chest in terms of what’s powering the Fusilier. All that’s been confirmed for now is that it’ll be all-electric, with a range extender model also joining the lineup.

A range extender differs from a plug-in hybrid. You can think of a PHEV as a petrol-powered car with a small battery and the ability to go into EV mode for short distances, whereas a range extender is an electric car with a small petrol engine to help you go further on a charge.

The petrol engine in the Fusilier will never be used to drive the wheels, it acts solely as a generator to charge the batteries. This is a handy option for those looking to make the switch to an EV, but are being put off by range anxiety.

When can I buy an Ineos Fusilier?

The Ineos Fusilier will be available to order from the autumn this year, although there’s no word on price just yet. Despite being smaller than the Grenadier, it may fetch a similar £80,000 asking price thanks to the electric powertrain.

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