The top 10 best selling cars in the UK 2023: October’s most popular models revealed

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What are the best-selling cars in the UK? If you’ve ever found yourself asking this question, then you’re in the right place. Keep an eye on this page to keep up to date on the most popular models right now.

There is a dizzying array of new cars on the market right now, and some prove more popular than others. There are many things which can make a model stand out, whether it be value for money, practicality, fuel economy or comfort.

Thanks to data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, this article will run you through the best-selling models right now.

Best selling cars of October 2023

The top 10 best selling cars have shifted quite a bit from September to October. The Nissan Qashqai, which was the most popular car of September, has plummeted out of the list completely, with the Ford Puma taking its crown as the biggest seller in October. The Mini 3 Door Hatch, BMW 1 Series and Audi A3 have also been promoted to the top 10.

1. Ford Puma

  • Number sold: 4,824
  • Unique selling point: sporty driving experience
  • Wowscore: 7/10
  • Average carwow saving: £2,164*

The Ford Puma has nicked the Nissan Qashqai’s crown as the best-selling car of October, with 4,824 of these crossovers finding homes, still over 3,000 less than in September. There aren’t many jacked-up hatchbacks which are as fun to drive as the Puma, and few are as well-equipped either.

It doesn’t give you the commanding driving position of other SUVs in this class, and the back seats are a little cramped. On the upside though, the boot is cavernous and really versatile thanks to a huge storage compartment under the floor.

2. Mini 3 Door Hatch

  • Number sold: 3,779
  • Unique selling point: Endless personalisation
  • Wowscore: 8/10
  • Average carwow saving: £1,103*

Having not made an appearance in the top 10 at all in September, the Mini 3 Door Hatch has shot up to second pace in the October sales charts, with Mini managing to shift 3,779 of these retro-inspired hatchbacks.

The Mini remains one of the most fun small cars you can buy thanks to its sporty driving dynamics and range of punchy engines, and it’s instantly recognisable. The trade-off for this is a small boot and tight rear seats, but if you can forgive this then it provides plenty of smiles per mile.

3. Vauxhall Corsa

  • Number sold: 3,464
  • Unique selling point: Generous standard equipment
  • Wowscore: 7/10
  • Average carwow saving: £4,885*

Rising from 7th place in September, the Vauxhall Corsa was the 3rd best-selling model in October 2023. The mid-life facelift may have driven more people to Vauxhall showrooms, with a fresh face and new equipment broadening this hatchback’s appeal.

It doesn’t have the biggest boot in this class, nor does it have the most rear legroom. However it’s comfortable, well-equipped and offers great value for money,

4. Volkswagen Polo

  • Number sold: 3,426
  • Unique selling point: High-quality cabin
  • Wowscore: 8/10
  • Average carwow saving: £1,356*

Coming in at number four is the Volkswagen Polo. There were 3,426 people who added a Polo to their driveway last month, and it’s easy to see why when you look at what’s on offer.

There aren’t many small cars which feel as grown-up as the Polo. The interior quality could shame cars in the class above, and it’s really spacious as well. It may be a bit more expensive than some alternatives, but you really do get what you pay for.

5. BMW 1 Series

  • Number sold: 3,424
  • Unique selling point: Fun to drive
  • Wowscore: 7/10
  • Average carwow saving: £2,325*

Another new entrant into the top 10 for October is the BMW 1 Series, with 3,424 people signing for this posh hatchback. Those looking for as practical family car with a bit of badge kudos will naturally be drawn to the 1 Series thanks to the impressive interior space and the roundel on the bonnet.

The BMW also has one of the best infotainment systems on the market, as well as one of the most solid interiors. It’s a bit more expensive than some alternatives, however it should be pretty cheap to run thanks to the efficient range of engines.

6. Kia Sportage

  • Number sold: 3,422
  • Unique selling point: Seven-year warranty
  • Wowscore: 8/10
  • Average carwow saving: £2,600*

There were 3,422 new Kia Sportage’s registered in October, making it the 6th most popular new car. The Sportage is a great choice for families thanks to its massive boot, practical cabin and standard safety features.

That front end does divide opinions, but you certainly can’t call it boring. The hybrids are also smooth and economical, and the cabin is a nice place to spend time as well. To sweeten the deal, all Kias come with an impressive seven-year warranty.

7. Peugeot 2008

  • Number sold: 3,145
  • Unique selling point: Super stylish inside and out
  • Wowscore: 9/10
  • Average carwow saving: £2,237*

Taking 7th place for October is the Peugeot 2008, with 3,145 people choosing this funky SUV as their new car. The stylish exterior will be the main thing driving people towards this car, with a mid-life facelift renewing peoples interest.

While people come for the looks, they’ll stay for the comfort and generous equipment. The infotainment system isn’t the best though, nor is the rear seat room.

8. Audi A3

  • Number sold: 3,012
  • Unique selling point: Posh interior
  • Wowscore: 7/10
  • Average carwow saving: £691*

The Audi A3 has managed to climb into the top 10 for October, taking the 8th spot. 3,012 people were taken with this premium hatch, and it’s easy to see why when you step inside.

The materials used wouldn’t look or feel out of place in a posh saloon car, and it comes well-equipped as standard. It may be a bit more expensive than something like a Volkswagen Golf, however the striking design and premium image makes it worthwhile splashing the extra cash.

9. Ford Kuga

  • Number sold: 2,948
  • Unique selling point: Great fun to drive
  • Wowscore: 7/10
  • Average carwow saving: £2,712*

The Ford Kuga has fallen five places compared to September, landing in 9th place in the sales charts with 2,948 sales. If your ideal car has the driving experience of a hot hatch, with the high-riding driving position of an SUV, the Kuga strikes a good balance between the two.

Interior quality isn’t the best in this class, and it has a pretty small boot for an SUV, but it’s well-priced and generously equipped. The plug-in hybrid models get decent all-electric range as well, managing 35 miles.

10. Volvo XC40

  • Number sold: 2,577
  • Unique selling point: Good safety tech
  • Wowscore: 9/10
  • Average carwow saving: £1,305

Sneaking in at number 10 is the Volvo XC40, with 2,577 people deciding to add some Scandinavian style to their daily commute. The XC40 is more than just a pretty face as well, as it offers great safety tech and and plenty of interior space.

It’s also a really comfortable cruiser, which should make long trips more relaxing. What may disturb the calm inside the cabin is the infotainment system, which can be frustrating to use on the move.

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