New Afeela EV: Sony’s new electric saloon gets closer to production

January 10, 2024 by

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The new Afeela EV has made an appearance at CES this year, and the EV developed jointly between Honda and Sony was driven onto the stage with a PlayStation 5 controller. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Afeela EV shown at CES
  • Electric saloon car from Honda and Sony
  • Sleek, modern exterior design
  • High-tech interior screens
  • On sale in 2025

Technology giant Sony has paired up with Honda to create a new luxury electric car. This new model, called the Afeela, will be packed with all the latest tech when it comes to market in 2025.

The Afeela prototype made an appearance at the CES technology show this year, and it was driven onto the stage using a playstation controller, and the brand is showcasing a range of new AI features.

New Afeela EV design

Being partially run by a tech company, the new Afeela EV looks suitably futuristic. It’s a very sleek and minimalist design, with no fake vents and very few creases in the bodywork.

There’s something of the Lucid Air about the front end design thanks to the sleek LED headlights and the full-width light bar. That box on the roof may look like a taxi’s beacon, but it actually houses the sensors for the self-driving features. More on that in a bit.

It has a similar swoopy side profile to the Lucid as well, something which should help with aerodynamics, and things remain similarly simple at the rear. It’s a handsome-looking thing, if not the most exciting.

New Afeela EV interior and technology

It’s when you step inside that the new Afeela differentiates itself from alternatives thanks to a very high-tech cabin. Much like the Honda e, this car has a bank of screens running across the entire dashboard.

These displays can be used for a whole host of different functions, including playing video games to keep you entertained whilst charging. The Tesla-esque yoke steering wheel gives you an unobstructed view of these screens whilst you’re driving. Getting going is a straightforward affair as well thanks to facial recognition. You simply walk up to the car, it recognises you and you can climb aboard and drive away.

When can I buy an Afeela EV?

The new Afeela EV is due to go on sale in 2025, with deliveries likely to start in 2026. There’s no word on pricing just yet, but expect it to be in line with something like a Tesla Model S. Somewhere around £100,000 is therefore likely.

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