New 430hp Porsche 911 GTS – the perfect sports car?

October 08, 2014 by

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Offering a little more of everything, the GTS-spec 911 is on sale before the end of the year from £91,098. Is this the best 911?

So what is it?

This is the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS.

Essentially, it’s a regular 911 S specified with all of the nicest options at Porsche’s disposal. The German wizards even add a subtle boost in power and a couple of blink-and-you’ll-miss-them styling tweaks. The formula has worked to spectacular effect in both the Boxter and Cayman GTS models, being as they are the pick of their respective ranges, so it’s reasonable to assume that this will be a half-decent car…

The GTS is available as either a coupe or a cabriolet, and with the option of rear or four-wheel drive.

What’s new?

To make a GTS, Porsche starts with the wider body of a Carrera 4, which thanks to its flared wheel arches offers a more aggressive appearance than the standard Carrera 2. Sitting beneath those arches are a set of 20-inch centre-locking alloy wheels (that means there’s a central race-style wheelnut, as opposed to five or six), painted in a matte black finish exclusive to the GTS.

Other styling tweaks like the black chrome trim finish for the rear air vent and smoked bi-xenon headlights to set the GTS further apart from lesser models. Meanwhile, the interior remains largely similar to the standard S (no bad thing, mind), save for the sports seats trimmed in leather and furry Alcantara.

From a technical perspective, Porsche has thrown all of the best options available for the 911 onto the GTS. The wider Carrera 4 arches allow for a wider track, which will help to increase both stability and grip. The Sport Chrono Package features Porsche Active Suspension Management (adjustable suspension to you and me) with a subtle 10mm drop in ride height over the regular car.

Active engine mounts automatically stiffen up during enthusiastic cornering, and soften when comfort is the main priority. There is also a standard-fit limited-slip differential to help the cornering balance further.

Is it fast?

Well, yes. Kind of a silly question really. Porsche has tweaked the 3.8-litre flat-six engine so it now produces 430hp – a 30hp increase over standard. The upshot is that the GTS will reach 62mph from standstill only in 4.0 seconds if equipped with the PDK dual clutch automatic gearbox, and the manual version will max out at 198mph. A sports exhaust is also equipped as standard to give the GTS a more naughty soundtrack.

Impressively, this extra performance has no adverse effect on the economy, and a return of 32.5mpg is very respectable for such a potent car.

What’s the damage to my wallet?

Prices range from £91,098 for a rear-wheel drive GTS coupe, up to £104,385 for the four-wheel drive cabrio. You’ll even receive a free course at the Porsche Experience Centre, at Silverstone. Order books open from November 2014.