Tesla Model Y price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
March 15, 2019

Tesla has revealed the latest addition to its all-electric line-up – a small SUV called the Tesla Model Y. Read everything you need to know about the car’s price, specs and release date.

Tesla Model Y price and specs

The Tesla Model Y is expected to cost from around £57,000 when it goes on sale in summer 2021. That’ll buy you a two-wheel-drive Standard Range version. You can expect that price to rise to £60,000 for the  Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive version, while the top-of-the-range Model Y Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive Performance tips the scales at nearly £70,000.

Tesla Model Y specs

The Tesla Model Y is an electric alternative to posh SUVs such as the BMW X3, Mercedes GLC and Volvo XC60.

Straight off the bat, the Tesla has an advantage over those cars because it offers seven seats and a 1,900-litre load bay with all the rear seats down. That’s noticeably more than you get in any of its alternatives. You get a panoramic glass sunroof as standard to make the interior feel light and airy, and all seven seats are raised to give your passengers a great view out.

Like every other Tesla, the Model Y has a huge infotainment screen. It’s in a landscape style (rather than a portrait),  is 15-inches in size and used to control almost all the car’s systems – even the door mirrors. Instead of using a key, you access the Tesla using your phone and you can send electronic keys to friends and family for car sharing. That’s done using the Tesla app, which also allows you to heat and cool the car before you get in it, track the car’s location and even limit its top speed. Summon Mode is by far the cleverest feature, though. It means the Model Y will be able to drive out of its parking space and meet you, autonomously.

That said, most of the time you’ll want to do the driving – if only to experience the Tesla’s ludicrous acceleration. Top-end versions get from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds and have a top speed of 150mph. Tesla is also promising ‘excellent handling’, so it should also be fun to drive in corners.

On a more sensible note, basic models will have a range of 230-miles while the Performance version will travel up to 300 miles on a single charge and you’ll have access to Tesla’s network of Superchargers.

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