Volkswagen Beetle Performance

RRP from
37.2 - 65.7
0-60 mph in
6.7 - 11.5 secs
First year road tax
£165 - £830

Strong, refined engine options to choose from.

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Performance and Economy

The petrols, in particular, provide a remarkable amount of power given the limited capacity they have – the 1.2-litre produces 104hp and can do nearly 52mpg. The other petrol in the range is a 1.4-litre with 148hp that can be found in nearly all VW group cars – it’s decently quick and, remarkably, nearly as frugal as the 1.2-litre with a fuel economy figure of 50mpg.

The light steering makes navigating towns a breeze while the capable chassis makes motorway driving relaxing

Mat Watson
carwow expert

There are two diesel options for those thinking of racking up higher mileages, the 2.0-litre with 109hp and a more potent version with 148hp. The former is the better-rated unit, achieving over 65mpg and has enough grunt to hustle the Beetle’s body along nicely. If you want the sporty-looking Beetle R-Line you can only have it with the 148hp diesel, which is powerful and refined. It too can be frugal with a fuel economy of up to 61mpg.

Comfort and Handling

Underneath the retro skin lies a chassis that is almost identical to the one you’ll find underpinning the previous Volkswagen Golf, so it’s not too surprising to find that ride and drive are perfectly acceptable, however, many opined that the newer Golf is the better-handling car.

It’s a pleasant enough car to steer in a variety of conditions, and the improved visibility makes it an easier car to navigate around town than the previous Beetle. There were a few negatives with how the Beetle drove, specifically the ride, which even on the standard set-up seems to be a bit too firm and jittery at slower speeds.