New VW Touareg R revealed

Matt Rigby
February 25, 2020

The new Volkswagen Touareg R has been revealed as a high-performance, luxury SUV with 462hp. Read on for everything you need to know…

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about the new VW Touareg R:

  • Aggressive styling upgrades
  • Sportier interior trims
  • Plug-in hybrid system
  • Produces 462hp and 700Nm
  • Four-wheel drive
  • 3.5-ton towing limit
  • Loads of onboard tech
  • Cruise control works at 130mph
  • Trailer assist for easy reversing
  • Should cost around £65,000

New VW Touareg R price and release date

Volkswagen hasn’t officially announced prices for the Touareg R yet, but when it goes on sale later on 2020 expect it to cost a bit more than the £58,000 it charges for the current Touareg range-topper and a bit less than the £68,000 Porsche charges for the similar Cayenne e-hybrid. Can’t wait that long? See how much you can save on the standard car by visiting out VW Touareg deals page.

New VW Touareg R design

You can spot the VW Touareg R from the standard car thanks to its sportier R style bumpers, a smattering of R logos and some massive alloy wheels up to 22 inches in diameter. Sure, it might not have the same sporty presence as a Porsche Cayenne e-Hybrid or quite as much understated Swedish style as the Volvo XC90 T8, but the VW Touareg R’s massive gaping grille (now with R-specific black strips) will make sure you get noticed.

A massive grille and vast 22-inch alloy wheels make the Touareg R look more aggressive than the standard VW Touareg.

New VW Touareg R interior

The VW Touareg R gets its own exclusive interior, featuring black leather seats with R logo in the front headrests, stainless steel panel trims with the R logo, brushed stainless steel pedals and a panoramic sunroof. You can also spend plenty more on optional extras such as a 780 Dynaudio sound system.

Volkswagen’s Innovision Cockpit comes as standard in the Touareg R. So the dashboard is dominated by two large screens – a 12-inch screen behind the steering wheel with your digital dials and a 15-inch screen in the middle of the dashboard with all the infotainment functions.

The Touareg R’s two huge infotainment screens give it a futuristic look.

New VW Touareg R hybrid engine

The VW Touareg R is designed by the same folk who develop all the sportiest models in the Volkswagen range – think Golf R and T-Roc R. But with 462hp and 700nm, the Touareg is the most powerful production R model VW makes. Performance stats haven’t been released but expect 0-60 in under six seconds and a top speed limited to 155mph.

The Touareg is also the first R model to get plug-in hybrid power. A 136hp electric motor combines with a 340hp 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine to give a combined total of 462hp – but it can do the eco thing too, being able to travel short distances on electric power alone. It can even drive at up to 86mph in electric power only… yes, yes, only on roads where you are legally allowed to do so.

VW Touareg R driving

The VW Touareg R’s FourMotion permanent four-wheel drive can send up to 80% of its power to the rear wheels and 70% to the front. You can also choose between driving on electric power alone and driving with the petrol-electric hybrid at the touch of a button. You can also switch between Eco, Comfort, Normal and Sport modes for on-road driving and Off-road and Snow modes for more adventurous driving. Finally, there’s an option to upgrade your VW Touareg R to include Gravel and Sand modes.

All-wheel drive and multiple drive modes should make the Touareg R extremely diverse.

The Adaptive Cruise Control keeps a regular distance between you and the car in front, while the Lane Assist feature keeps you within the white lines. What’s new in the VW Touareg R is that this option now works at up to 130mph (on an unrestricted German Autobahn, of course). You have got to keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times, but VW says new sensor tech in the steering wheel means you merely have to touch it.

The VW Touareg R’s 3.5-tonne towing limit is one of the highest towing capacities of any plug-in hybrid and on par with the mechanically similar Porsche Cayenne e-hybrid. That’s a few hundred kilos more than a BMW X5 plug-in hybrid and over 1000kg more than the Volvo XC90 plug-in, so it’ll be easily capable of pulling a big caravan or boat.

VW Touareg R trailer assist

The VW Touareg R has a trailer assist function that helps you make tricky parking manoeuvres when you have a trailer. You put the car into reverse and then hit the Park Assist button. A trailer symbol appears on the driver’s display and using the mirror adjustment switch as a joystick to set the direction of the car and trailer. Once set, the car takes over and drives into the desired space. And, because it’s a hybrid, it can do this all in silent electric power – so you may have to make your own reversing vehicle beeps to warn others!

The Touareg R can tow up to 3.5 tonnes – that’s more than most plug-in hybrids.

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