Honda Jazz

Small on the outside, usefully big on the inside – if not desperately exciting

£11,695 - £20,245 Price range

5 Seats

50 - 62 MPG

This is the average score given by leading car publications from 24 reviews
  • Very versatile
  • Low running costs
  • Honda reliability
  • No diesel engines
  • Some underpowered engines
  • A few cheap interior parts

The new Honda Jazz builds on the success of its predecessor – coupling a practical interior with the excellent Honda build quality owners have come to love. The reviews are generally very positive.


Interior features have long been the Jazz’s party piece, and reviews say that this model keeps the tradition going. They say that there’s an abundance of room inside, and rear seats perform a multitude of different moves to accommodate for a variety of different loads.

Interior quality is unfortunately a minor concern, though, with some reviews highlighting low quality, scratchy plastics in places. However, they generally concede that these are mere blights on the Jazz’s interior in general, and durability should at least be a given.


Reviews say that – while the Jazz handles competently enough – it’s not a car designed with dynamics in mind. That’s not to say that it’s hopeless, though – many reviewers simply state that it’s not quite as sharp as it could be.

Similarly, some concerns are raised over the suspension setup – with many criticising the Jazz’s ride for being a little on the firm side. Many reviews mentioned that CVT gearbox-equipped models are a little on the noisy side, too.


The Jazz gets a choice of three different engines – a 1.2, 1.4 and a Hybrid 1.3. The former pair are praised thoroughly – combining refinement and fuel economy nicely – while the latter isn’t quite as well received, with reviewers coming to the consensus that at £16,000 it’s just too expensive given its relative lack of penny-squeezing abilities.

Running costs are low throughout, with the 1.2 hitting 53mpg, and the 1.4 not far behind. Cheapest of all to run is the Hybrid which manages 62.8mpg, but with a CO2 figure of 104g/km it just misses out on both free road tax and Congestion Charge exemption which is a shame.

Value for money

Prices for the Jazz are competitive, and even basic models come with a reasonable level of equipment. Also worth bearing in mind is the sheer practicality-per-pound – with the Jazz seating 5 and coming with a larger boot than that of a Ford Focus, you’re arguably getting more space for your money too. High residuals also play a part, meaning that the little Honda is likely to hang onto much of its original price.

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Don’t be swept up by the notion of the Hybrid too much – at nearly £16,000 it’s undercut by small diesel engined rivals like the Ford Fiesta Econetic and Citroen DS3 99g, both of which are free to tax and Congestion Charge exempt – a party trick the Jazz fails to pull off.

The automatic gearbox available – a CVT – is only available on 1.4 models, and is a £1000 premium. Hybrid has the same CVT, but is more expensive still.


This Jazz picks up where the old one left off, improving the package in a number of areas in the process. It’s not as involving to drive as Ford’s Fiesta, but it’s infinitely more practical and arguably appeals to a different audience altogether.

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