Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Coupe Quick Drive Review

It’s hard not to conclude, after a drive in the Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI Coupe, that it hits rather a sweet spot in the Mercedes range.

Okay, so the price of our test car was a bit steep, glitzed-up with darkened glass, a panoramic sunroof, swanky red leather upholstery and a COMAND infotainment system – but without all that, you can knock over ten grand from the price shown here.

But price aside, it just seems to be an ideal package – handsome looks, a sensibly-sized body for tight UK roads (which still offers accommodating rear seats), excellent fuel efficiency and perfectly acceptable performance.

Mercedes-Benz C220 Coupe interior

It’s as good on the road as it looks on paper. It looks a little under-wheeled on the 17-inchers you see here, equipped with winter tyres, but standard AMG Sport models fill the arches with 18-inch wheels.

The sturdy looks continue inside, where you’ll find plenty of leather, brushed metal, and piano-black trim. The rear seats are capable of containing adults, and there’s a decent-sized boot. Build quality is excellent and the cabin proves a serene place in which to travel, remaining hushed whether at speed or at a standstill.

A fuss-free four-cylinder 2.1-litre turbocharged diesel plays a part in that, delivering its 400 Nm of torque from only 1,400 rpm, through this car’s 7-speed automatic gearbox.

Mercedes-Benz C220 Coupe dials

It’s not quite as responsive as the same engine in smaller, lighter Mercedes like the B-Class, but refinement is much better in the C, and with 170 horsepower performance is always adequate – 62 mph can be reached in just over 8 seconds.

The Coupe rides and handles neatly, and there’s plenty of grip for the more enthusiastic driver. Steering feel isn’t bad and it’s plenty accurate, while the brakes feel responsive underfoot. Gearchanges are nearly imperceptible.

Mercedes-Benz C220 Coupe grille

Price as tested: 44,635

Combined MPG: 57.7

CO2: 139 g/km


Keep your pen away from the options tick-boxes, and the C-Class Coupe represents decent value next to its BMW and Audi rivals. It also offers a good drive and competitive fuel efficiency making it an attractive option for private buyers and company users alike.

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