Peugeot 208 Feline 1.6 e-HDi Review – An Interesting Alternative?

Small Peugeots have always been popular in the UK, and with over 20,000 examples already sold since its launch in June last year, the 208 looks to continue that trend.

Next to competitors though, the last few generations of Peugeot supermini have been oddly bland and dissatisfying. As the 208 takes the same leap in perceived quality as others in the Peugeot range, can the new car compete on more than simply sales numbers?
Peugeot 208 Feline


Visually, the 208 works pretty well. Much of it feels quite familiar from its predecessors, the 207 and 206. Proportionally it’s very similar, and the back end in particular feels very much like the 206 – but with an air of greater expense.
Were still not sold on the front grille, though its a better effort than previous Peugeots, and in top-end Feline spec and vivid Virtual Blue metallic paint (a 495 option), it brings out the best in the small Peugeots lines.
The 17-inch Oxygen alloy wheels look great, and subtle strips of chrome below the windows, around the fog lights and lining the grille give it the same pseudo-boutique look as its Citroen DS3 cousin, if less overtly. Feline-spec cars like our test car also feature a panoramic glass roof as standard.
Peugeot 208 Feline


That glass roof sheds welcome light on the 208s interior. Much has been made of the relatively unusual interior layout, which places the dials high on the dashboard and puts a small-diameter steering wheel lower down.
In theory, this should allow drivers to more easily see all of the instruments, while also putting them closer to your line of sight out of the windscreen – a safety feature to reduce the time your eyes spend away from the road. Some have complained they cant find a comfortable seating position, but at 59, we found it fairly comfortable – particularly in the well-bolstered Sports seats. You quickly get used to the small steering wheel and the dashboard layout makes the interior feel quite airy.
Peugeot 208 Feline
Theres decent space in the back too, so four modestly-sized adults, or two larger adults and a trio of children should fit comfortably. Boot space is also good, with a usable 285 litres (just 10 litres down on a Ford Fiesta). One minor irritation in our three-door car is that the front seat backs dont return to the same place they were before letting people into the rear. Another niggle is the tiny glovebox, though in general the interior isnt bad for little storage spaces.
Quality in modern Peugeots is far better than previously, and the 208 feels well-made. Interior materials are good, and there are some neat details – blue ambient lighting around the glass roof, plenty of metallic and piano black trim, and that central touchscreen display.
Peugeot 208 Feline
Weve been critical of Peugeots infotainment systems in the past, but the 208s is a vast improvement. It now speaks to iPods and iPhones, its navigation system isnt completely unfathomable, and the touchscreen menus are all intuitive to use. It isnt just the preserve of the Feline either – Active models and above all get the 7 screen. Navigation is a 400 option.
Peugeot 208 Feline


Its popular to compare cars like the 208 to the Ford Fiesta, generally held as a pinnacle for ride and handling in the class. The 208 doesnt quite communicate like the Fiesta and none of the controls feel quite as well-judged, but its still an excellent product and one that many would be more than happy to drive day-in, day-out.
Peugeot 208 Feline
The 208 has a sporty feel to it, particularly on the larger wheels and tyres of Feline spec. The small steering wheel helps too, letting you dart through corners with ease. Steering feel isnt at Fiesta levels, but its accurate, and relatively light too which makes town driving a doddle. All the pedals are light too, as is the gearshift. The action of the gear lever is a bit clunky, but youll never struggle to find a gear.
Refinement is good at most speeds. Ride quality varies on the 17-inch alloys, occasionally clonking and shuddering over bumps, but importantly the car feels like it can take it – rattles are kept to a minimum. We suspect smaller wheel and tyre combos may handle poorly surfaced roads a little better, however. The 208 is fun to flick through twisty roads and theres plenty of grip on offer. Theres good balance too – it wont snap on you like Peugeots of old, but find yourself pushing wide and a little lift of the throttle brings the nose neatly back in line. Stability control and ABS, naturally, are standard fitment.
Peugeot 208 Feline


Under the bonnet, our car featured a 1.6-litre, eight-valve turbocharged diesel engine, given the e-HDi tag. It develops 115 horsepower at 4,000rpm, and a useful 270 Nm of torque from only 1,750rpm.
In such a light car – the 208 has shed plenty of weight compared to its predecessor, tipping the scales at 1,090kg – performance is quite sprightly. The 10.8-second official 0-62mph time doesnt really do it justice, as in-gear performance feels more than adequate for swift progress. At the same time, theres enough punch to sit at typical motorway speeds and still have a little urge in reserve.
At all speeds the engine feels refined, and in sixth gear at 70mph the engine is turning over a few revs short of 2,000rpm. Youll never be in doubt about the fuel powering it, but in most situations the engine is unobtrusive enough as not to be a concern.
Peugeot 208 Feline

Value for money

At 17,445, the 208 Feline HDi isnt a cheap car for its size, and our test example featured a few options too, bumping up the price further. In some ways, the Feline HDi sits in limbo in the class, with few rivals offering similar power and spec – the most powerful Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo diesels put out less than 100bhp, the most powerful Vauxhall Corsa diesel as much as 130. Next to these, the price seems about right – cheaper than the Vauxhall and the semi-premium VW, a little more than the Ford.
Equipment levels are good too, on the Feline – electric, folding, heated mirrors, panoramic sunroof, leather wheel, auto headlights and wipers, dual-zone aircon – the list goes on. It also gets 5 Euro NCAP crash test stars.
Peugeot 208 Feline
Running costs should be low too. At 99g/km of CO2, the 208 e-HDi 115 gets free road tax and congestion charge exemption (for the time being). Official combined economy is 74.3 mpg.
We didnt get close to that figure on our test. In the end, the trip computer showed an average of 56 mpg, which took in a few hundred miles of motorway cruising, and another hundred or so mixed miles of city, town and country driving. Standard stop-start technology does help to keep city consumption low.


So does the Peugeot 208 have more to offer than familiarity? If youve been reading the test, youll be unsurprised to find the answer is yes. Large steps up in quality – both actual and perceived – styling, and driving appeal mean the 208 is a car you can choose entirely on merit.
The unusual interior layout may put off some, so we advise you try before you buy – but we suspect youd quickly adapt. With a lofty price wed also suggest you carefully consider exactly what you need from the car, as city-bound drivers may be better off with one of the cheaper petrol models and a slightly less comprehensive spec. But next to the Fiesta, Polo, Corsa et al, the 208 is a talented, interesting alternative.

What the press think

Reviews for the 208 are positive, and our buzzScore shows it just a few tenths behind the class-leading Ford Fiesta overall.
Testers praise interior space though some aren’t fond of the driving position. Refinement ranks highly, while most like the way the 208 drives too – even if its not quite up to Fiesta levels of ride and handling. Generally, the 208 is rated as one of the best cars in the class.

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Peugeot 208

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