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Audi RS6 Avant – Five Things You Need To Know

Some things will always remain constant in this world.

Politicians always lie. The sun will always rise. Three snowflakes are the tipping point for cataclysmic travel chaos in the UK. And the coolest vehicle Audi makes will always be a hot estate car.
Thats right, theres another ballistic Avant on the market, and it wears the RS6 badge. In terms of speed to luggage space ratio, there may never have been a better vehicle – so what do you need to know about it?

1. Meet the ancestors

So as we implied, the RS6 Avant has history. Back in 1994, Audi released the RS2 Avant. It was very blue, made contemporary supercars look a bit silly, and Porsche had a hand in its development. Since then weve had the original RS4, the first RS6, the widely-praised V8-engined RS4, the lunatic V10 RS6, and the most recent RS4 Avant. All guarantee one thing – huge speed with huge practicality.

2. Cruelty to animals guaranteed

Harming animals is a very bad thing – lets get that straight – but should you get a dog this Christmas, do it a favour and dont put it in the back of an RS6 Avant. Itll love the boot space, which can be extended to 1,680 litres with the rear seats folded. But itll be less keen on having its face mashed against the rear screen every time you put your foot down

3. Pedal, meet metal

Because the RS6 Avant has huge performance. How huge? 62 mph arrives in 3.9 seconds, which is enough to see off all but the very latest breed of mental supercars. Itll also go on to 189 mph (when de-restricted), which could make Fido the fastest-travelling mutt in the northern hemisphere. When youre not cruelly catapulting canines, you might just – just – squeeze 28.8 mpg out of it, too.

4. Talking through technology

So what does your seventy-seven grand get you? A 4.0-litre V8, for a start, putting out 552 raging horses. It also gets you switchable exhaust flaps, for choosing between lots of noise, and slightly less noise. You get an eight-speed tiptronic automatic transmission with paddleshift, stop-start to improve economy, cylinder deactivation to the same end, and – naturally – quattro all-wheel drive.

5. Hinzufgen leichtigkeit

As Colin Chapman might have said, if he were German. It means add lightness, which Audi has done to reduce its portly estate car by a not insubstantial 100 kg. For the average driver, that means better performance, better handling and better fuel economy. But as a top-end model, the equipment list is still as long as your arm.
Priced from: 77,000 (approx.)

Available from: Order early 2013, deliveries start next summer


Some might say that a fast Audi wagon is now a bit predictable. Itll almost certainly be the same as all other fast Audi wagons – impeccably made, hugely fast, but lacking those last few tenths of interaction that truly capture the imagination of driving enthusiasts. But, thats probably unfair – this is still a near-190mph estate car, equally at home parked at Waitrose or tearing up an autobahn. Were expecting some decent reviews
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