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Hyundai i20 colours guide with prices

The Hyundai i20 is a stylish supermini with smart good looks and a generous boot. If you’re considering it for your next car, don’t choose its colour in haste. Pick the wrong one and you could be left with a vehicle that’s hard to sell and shows up the dirt within five minutes of cleaning it.

The i20 offers one solid, three pearl and four metallic shades in total. Not all versions are available in all colours – the more basic S, S Air and S Blue trims only offer the white, silver, black and Aqua Sparkling hues.

Spec up a Hyundai i20 in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. Take a look at our car paint types guide for an explanation on the differences between solid, metallic and pearlescent hues.

Solid colours

Polar White – £0

This smart off-white is a sensible choice given just how easy white models are to sell on. You can have it at no extra cost but, being the palest hue on the spectrum, you’re going to have to be ready to get out the bucket and sponge more often than for any other colour.

Metallic colours

Aqua Sparkling – £515

This somewhat unusual grey-blue looks elegant and distinctive and would make a good option for executive models. It’s inoffensive enough that there shouldn’t be any reselling hold-ups and, being a darker colour, it should do a decent job of concealing grime.

Iced Coffee – £515

This is a rich, deep coffee brown with a metallic sheen adding to its stylistic appeal. While it should hide dirt for some time, the rather unusual nature of this shade may just mean it takes a tad longer to find a used buyer for it.

Stardust Grey – £515

This is a mid-spectrum grey that’s great for flying under the radar. Grey is a very popular car colour, so you shouldn’t encounter any major reselling problems. It will go longer between washes than most lighter colours, too.

Sleek Silver – £515

A smart, brushed steel shade, this is a light silver that should sell like the proverbial hot cakes on the used market. While an easier colour to care for than white, it’ll still show up the dirt quickly, so bear that in mind if you tend to burn up the miles.

Pearl Effect Colours

Phantom Black – £515

This attractive, glossy black is a safe bet when it comes to selling on. While you’d think a darker shade would hide dirt well, black bucks the trend. You’ll also need to watch out for cheaper car washes, which can leave ugly swirl stains behind.

Mandarin Orange – £515

This is an orange with brown tones that’ll certainly put some colour in your motoring. While not exactly garish, it’s nonetheless quite an unusual shade that might not be snapped up as speedily as monochrome models. In terms of frequency of cleaning, it should fare pretty averagely.

Red Passion – £515

If you want something a little different for your next car, this red with hints of purple could just do the trick. Like the Mandarin Orange, it’s a distinctive colour that may not be a hit with everyone, so bear this in mind when reselling. Again, it should do a pretty average job in terms of keeping dirt hidden.

Save money on your Hyundai i20

Thanks to our Hyundai i20 configurator you can work out the exact savings to be made from buying you buy one through carwow. If you’re still mulling over your next car, our frequently updated car chooser tool and new car deals page are here to help.

Hyundai i20 (2014-2017)

Stylish supermini is a genuine VW Polo rival
£11,140 - £25,460
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