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Mini Countryman colours guide and prices

The Mini Countryman is a quirky, economical and fun SUV with distinctive styling and a versatile interior. If you’re buying one, though, consider how your choice of colour will impact ease of resale, and how frequently you’ll be making trips to the car wash.

The Countryman is offered with two solid colours and eight metallic shades, not all of which are available on all trim levels. Not all versions, for example, will offer the chilli red, while the fastest Mini John Cooper Works All 4 Countryman only comes in four of the eight hues described below.

Put the Mini Countryman in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. Have a look at our car paint types guide if you want more information on the differences between solid, metallic and pearl colours.

Solid colours

Chilli Red – £0

This one’s a bright, fire engine red and, while it may be a tad vivid for some, it’ll certainly stand out in a car park. While not an uncommon shade, a more subdued or monochromatic one may change hands a touch more briskly on the used market. It should do an average job of concealing grubbiness.

Light White – £0

This is a muted off-white rather than a dazzling soap powder version. White is one of the most popular car colours around just now, so selling it on should be a doddle. While many marques charge extra for white, you won’t pay a penny more on the Countryman. Just one word of warning, white shows up every last speck of dirt, so brace yourself for frequent cleaning.

Metallic colours

Absolute Black – £480

This is a deep, glossy black that ought to look super-smart on the road. Finding a buyer shouldn’t be tricky since this is a desirable shade. Bear in mind that black bucks the trend for dark cars hiding grime – and cheap car washes can leave less than attractive swirl marks in their wake.

Crystal Silver – £480

This is quite a dark silver, and will add a touch of understated class to your Countryman. You won’t find it hard to sell this hue on when the time comes, so it’s a smart choice. While darker shades may conceal grime for longer, you won’t be washing a silver car as often as you would a white one.

Cosmic Blue – £480

A dark, almost navy blue hue that should do a pretty good job of not showing up the grime from the road. One of the favourite colours after monochrome, silver and grey, blue is also a safe bet for resale purposes, so it’s a great choice.

Brilliant Copper – £480

A distinctive espresso brown, this shade’s as distinctive as the Countryman itself! It ought to do better than average in terms of how often you’ll be washing it. Brown tops few polls of most loved vehicular colours, however, which could affect ease and speed of resale.

Starlight Blue – £480

A rich blue, this is lighter and brighter than the Cosmic version. Blue is a reasonably sought-after car shade so, while a monochrome car might sell more speedily, you should find yourself a used buyer reasonably swiftly. It will need fairly regular washes, though not as many as a lighter model.

Blazing Red – £275

Darker and more restrained than the Chilli Red, this Blazing colour will still cut quite a dash on the road and give your Countryman a stylish look. One of the preferred British car shades after black, white and grey, this red shouldn’t hold you back when selling it on. It’s likely to fare averagely in terms of how often you’ll be washing it.

Midnight Grey – £480

As its name suggests, this dusky, smoky hue falls towards the darker end of the proverbial 50 shades of grey. It’s an inspired choice because the huge popularity of grey as a car colour means zero headaches on the resale front. It won’t show dirt up anywhere near as much as a white car, so you won’t need to visit too many car washes.

Jungle Green – £480

This is almost a military green, and while it shouldn’t frighten the horses, it’s not the most common or popular car colour. So it may take longer than you’d like to sell on but, equally, it could make a refreshing change if you fancy something different. As far as frequency of cleaning is concerned, it should hide dirt for a fair while.

Save money on your Mini Countryman

Put the Mini Countryman in our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. If you think it’s the car for you, look at our fully aggregated Mini Countryman review to find out more. If you’re still deciding which one to go for next – a look at our frequently updated new car deals page and car chooser tool will help.

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