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Porsche 911 Black Edition – Yawn…

Another day, another special edition Porsche 911. Todays limited edition 911 is based on the Carrera Coupe and Cabriolet, to us it’s simply proof that a completely new 911 is imminent.

Whenever a rush of special editions come out for any car you know that its reaching the end of its life and is soon to be replaced. In the last few months Porsche has launched the 911 Speedster, Carrera GTS and the wonderful GT2 RS. The Porsche website now lists 22 different variations of the 911 on sale.

Most car magazines expect the current generation 911, the 997, to be replaced by the 998 sometime late this year. This Black Edition is more evidence that date is soon.

Unsurprisingly, nearly everything on the Black Edition is… black. Black wheels, black leather, black brake callipers and of course black paint. Actually you can have it in two shades of black, Plain Black or Basalt Black Metallic.

This special edition is based on the Carrera, which some jokingly call the poverty spec 911. The Black Edition offers a high specification as standard; BOSE sound system, Sat-nav, Park Assist, SportDesign steering wheel and alloys from the 911 Turbo.

The Coupe Black Edition will cost from 67,270 and the Cabriolet from 74,958. 1,911 units will be built. We priced up a similar Carrera with the options on the Black Edition and it came to around 71k, so you would be saving a few thousand pounds.


To us the 911 Black Edition is a half-hearted attempt to push as many 997 sales through before the new one is launched. No doubt its good value if you were going to buy a Carrera in black, but its not going to be a special edition that anyone will remember in the future.

We also cant help thinking youd be mad to buy one. Wait a few months for the all new 911.

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