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SEAT Leon colours guide and prices

The SEAT Leon is a car that offers everything a Volkswagen Golf can: comfort, good road manners, practicality, durability and more. However, it also attempts to offer a touch of Spanish flair and style to replace the Golf’s clinical German look, with angular styling details that help it to stand out in the right way.

Picking the right colour, therefore, is critical to how your SEAT will come across. To help you pick the right shade, we’ve summarised the different colour options, listed their prices and show which colours suit the car best.

Solid colours

Solid paint is essentially simple, non-metallic or pearlescent, plain paint. Nowadays very few colours are offered in this, because the manufacturer would prefer you pay for the ‘better’ paint options.

Emocion Red (£0)

One of two choices if you desire a red, and it’s definitely the brighterst one on offer. Emocion Red has been offered on a wide variety of SEATs for years, and it’s an excellent choice for those who have the urge to stand out amongst the monotony of black and grey car parks around the land. It also handily suits the car’s lines well, and certainly doesn’t look inferior next to other cost-option paints.

White (£220)

As simple as you like, and so basic SEAT couldn’t even be bothered to give it a name. It’s one of two white options offered on the Leon, and is slightly duller than the more expensive metallic Nevada White. However it still looks good, although it doesn’t exactly stand out as much as white did ten years ago, just because it seems every other car on the road is white. It is offered on all models except the range-topping Cupra.

Metallic paint options

Metallic paint features tiny flakes of metal that sparkle in the sun and give the car a deeper, more distinctive shine, which really suits the Leon. There are eight of these paint options on the Leon, and they all (with the exception of two ‘custom’ colours which we will talk about later) cost £530 – about the same as most manufacturers charge for the option. The Cupra, rather disappointingly, is offered with only a few of these colours, making do with an exclusive grey instead.

Nevada White (£530)

The second, and more distinctive white offered on the Leon. The metallic effect helps to emphasise the cars stylish hips and cool angles, and works very well if mixed with the black wheel and trim options offered on the FR model, as well as window tints (a £180 option on all models).

Monsoon Grey (£530)

The lighter of the two grey shades offered, this is slightly more businesslike and less extrovert. It is still light enough to show off the shape of the car, however, and looks classy with the more expensive wheel options.

Apollo Blue (£530)

A perfectly pleasant, if hardly eye-catching shade of dark blue, which doesn’t do as much as some other colours to flatter the Leon’s styling. It is perhaps more suitable for company car drivers, however, and won’t cause issues with resale values because it certainly isn’t unattractive. It isn’t our favourite shade of blue though – more on that later!

Ice Silver (£530)

Not as dramatic as it sounds, this is a light silver that is very typical of the industry-standard silver offered across most car ranges. So it’s not exactly unique, but quite practical because it’s easier to keep clean and sell on. It can make the Leon look like a more generic hatchback on lower spec verisons, however.

Monsant Red (£530)

A darker, more velvety burgundy red, it’s less overtly sporty and more classy. It’s still light enough to show the car in its best light, but it isn’t really worth the extra £530 over the more distinctive Emocion Red, unless you find that colour simply too bright for you.

Phantom Black (£530)

A very conservative, businesslike colour, this is the only black on offer, and not one we’d be inclined to choose for the Leon. It completely disguises all the neat little styling details and curves, only looking good at dusk with the full LED headlights (available with the Technology Pack). Best reserved for the more sober and subtle character of the Golf, or for fleet sales.

Technic Grey (£530)

Another, ever so slighty darker shade of grey than the Monsoon Grey, which majors on classy subtlety rather than standing out. The metallic effect does make it look very menacing on the sportier models such as the FR, although we would still lean towards some of the lighter options for maximum style.

Lima Green (£530)

A very bold statement indeed. A sharp, vivid green that really will make you the talk of the street. Very similar to the green offered on the Volkswagen Scirocco, but it seems even louder on the more angular Leon and screams ‘fun!’. It’s a shame this colour isn’t offered on the Cupra models, because it’d make it a fantastically loud counterpoint to the slightly conservative Golf GTI.

‘Custom palette’ colours

Alor Blue (£700)

Our favourite colour and definitely worth the extra expense if you want your car to Leon to look the absolute business. This blue-with-a-hint-of-turquoise is a real-head turner without being garish, making the Leon – especially the three door SC and the higher spec FR models – a fantastically pretty hatchback. It certainly isn’t as effeminate as it sounds either. One of the best colours you can choose on a new car at the moment.

Dynamic (£700)

An exclusive colour to the Cupra models only, this is a sort of duck-egg light blue/grey mixture, that some have called ‘blu-tack’ blue. It looks better than it sounds, although it relies on sunshine to make it stand out otherwise it just looks grey/white. Some consider it worth the extra because of its exclusivity. Try to check it out in the flesh because photos and the SEAT configurator don’t do a great job of showing it off. Out of the limited colours offered with the Cupra, we say either this or Emocion Red are the stand-out choices.

Want to know more about the Leon?

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