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Volvo S90 and V90 colours guide and prices

The new Volvo S90 could be one of the most exciting models the company’s released in a long time. Packed with the Swedish brand’s latest safety, drivetrain and infotainment tech, it hopes to compete with the best German executive saloons and estates – in the form of the Volvo V90.

Below are all 12 colour options for the Volvo S90 and V90, including how much each will cost you, and even how easy they should be to keep clean. To understand the difference between the different finishes, check out our car paint types guide.

Head over to our Volvo S90 deals page to see how much you could save, and the Volvo V90 deals page for the more practical estate.

Solid paint finishes

Ice White (£0)

White is currently one of the most popular shades chosen by used car buyers and, for the S90 and V90, white is a no-cost option. It’s popularity should make it very desirable on the used market, but bear in mind that it’ll need almost constant cleaning to keep it looking good.

Black Stone (£400)

If you’d prefer something at the opposite end of the greyscale spectrum, Volvo charges S90 customers £400 for the privilege of a black car. This shade will be equally as popular to used buyers as Ice White but will need a similar level of cleaning to keep it on form.

Metallic paint finishes

Magic Blue (£700)

This deep blue finish will be a fairly popular choice when the time comes to sell so you shouldn’t be stuck waiting for a buyer. It’s much better at hiding the dirt than either of the solid finishes, too.

Savile Grey (£700)

Dark grey is very popular among executive cars, so residual values should remain among the strongest of any of the choices here. Better still, everyday road grime is well disguised against this finish, so constant washing shouldn’t be needed.

Twilight Bronze (£700)

Perhaps the ultimate way to hide the dirt, however, is to choose a colour that effectively matches it. Brown cars are fashionable at the moment, making resale easy but for how long remains to be seen.

Bright Silver (£700)

This standard silver is inoffensive enough to find favour with plenty of used car buyers, so choosing it shouldn’t harm the Volvo’s residual values in any way. Bright silvers are almost as bad as whites for showing up dirt so prepare for plenty of washing.

Osmium Grey (£700)

If you’d rather not spend too long washing your car, Osmium Grey is another choice that’ll hide dirt for a good while. Used buyers will be keen come trade-in time, too, making resale a doddle.

Onyx Black (£700)

While cleaning a black car can be a faff, they are very desirable on the used market making this a sensible choice for those with one eye on residual values.

Luminous Sand (£700)

A pale gold is likely to be one of the more acquired tastes in the S90 colour palette, so selling it on might be a little trickier than more conventional choices. It should be fairly easy from a cleaning point of view, however.

Mussel Blue (£700)

A shade frequently used in Volvo’s press images, this colour unquestionably suits the S90 and V90. Some buyers are likely to prefer a more conventional grey or dark blue, however, so it might take a little longer to sell on than monochrome hues.

Special paint finishes

Electric Silver (£1,000)

At first glance, Electric Silver might not appear drastically different from Bright Silver to justify the extra £300. Instead of the latter’s aluminium flake, however, copper is used to add greater depth to Electric Silver. Colours rarely increase a car’s used value, however, so you’re unlikely to see a return on the investment.

Crystal White (£1,000)

Like Electric Silver, Crystal White looks best on a bright, sunny day where its pearlescent finish is most obvious. It’s a hefty £1,000 more expensive than the standard Ice White and you’re unlikely to see any of that extra cost back when the time comes to sell it on.

Save money on the Volvo S90 and V90

Head over to our Volvo S90 deals page to see how much you could save, and the Volvo V90 deals page for the more practical estate. Check out the rivals using our car chooser or see our latest discounts on our deals page.

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