New Genesis GV80 Coupe revealed: everything we know so far

April 04, 2023 by

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The Genesis GV80 Coupe concept has been revealed. It’s the more sporty version of the GV80 SUV, and it gets more than just cosmetic upgrades over that car. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New Genesis GV80 Coupe concept revealed
  • Sporty-looking coupe SUV
  • Will be offered with rear-wheel-drive
  • Chassis tweaks to improve handling
  • Interior upgrades including bucket seats
  • On sale next year

This is the new Genesis GV80 Coupe. It’s a left-field alternative to cars like the BMW X6 and Audi Q8, and it gets a raft of upgrades over the standard GV80 to make it more engaging to drive.

New Genesis GV80 Coupe design

This new Genesis GV80 Coupe is just a concept for now, however you can tell that it’s based on the GV80 SUV.

From the front you can see the same wide grille, but this coupe has a more aggressive-looking lower bumper with some massive air intakes. There are also some smaller vents around the grille, and the two-piece slim headlights are becoming something of a staple for Genesis models.

It’s the side profile where you notice the most dramatic change over the GV80 SUV. That sloping roofline and the big roof spoiler lend it a more athletic look, and it has massive forged aluminium wheels as well. The roof is also made of carbon fibre to keep the weight down.

There are two massive light bars spanning the entire rear end of the car, as well as a ducktail spoiler on the tailgate which looks similar to the Kia EV6. Unlike that electric car, this GV80 has two large tailpipes in the sporty rear bumper.

What engines will be available in the new Genesis GV80 Coupe?

The exact engine range hasn’t been confirmed for the Genesis GV80 Coupe, however it will use the same rear-wheel-drive layout as the Genesis G80 saloon. This means it’s likely to use the same 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine as that car.

See what Mat makes of the Genesis GV80 in the video below…

It puts out 304hp in the G80, and that car will do 0-60mph in 6.9 seconds. Being a big SUV, the GV80 Couple may get a bit more power than this, although nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Genesis has done more than just make the GV80 Coupe look sporty, it’s also made a few changes to the chassis to make it more fun to drive. There’s that carbon fibre roof which not only keeps the weight down, it also lowers the centre of gravity. You’ll also notice the massive X-shaped strut brace in the back to stiffen things up.

New Genesis GV80 Coupe interior

The overall dashboard layout may be similar to the Genesis GV80 SUV, but the Coupe gets a lot of significant changes over that car to increase its sporting credentials.

The highlight here is the four individual bucket seats. They look like they’ll grip you well in the corners, and there’s come orange contrast stitching to add some visual appeal. Elsewhere you have a three-spoke sports steering wheel and carbon fibre trim on the dashboard.

When can I buy a new Genesis GV80 Coupe?

The new Genesis GV80 Coupe is expected to go on sale alongside the facelifted version of the SUV, possibly towards the middle of next year.

You can expect to pay a premium for this slinky Coupe SUV over the standard car, with a starting price of around £65,000 likely.

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