Jeep Compass interior

The Compass is neither particularly high-tech, nor high-quality. There are better family SUVs if you value either.


The Jeep Compass is feeling decidedly dated, despite being launched in 2017. The design is pretty simple and while there is some softer plastic on the dashboard, the door tops are less impressive. Venture further down and the plastics get even scratchier.

There are a few bits of chrome trim about the place, but they’re fake and aren’t particularly convincing, while the overall dash design doesn’t change much from the entry-level Sport to the range-topping Trailhawk – save for some red detailing on the latter.

However, as you move through the range the seats change from cloth, to part cloth and faux leather and finally full leather in the most expensive Limited and Trailhawk models.

If you like an upmarket cabin, you’re best off looking elsewhere. Even the range-toppers aren’t that plush.

Mat Watson
carwow expert


Entry-level Sport models come with a rather basic 5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with DAB digital radio and Bluetooth connectivity, but that’s about it.

Go for a Longitude version or above, though, and you’ll be treated to a larger 8.4-inch touchscreen system on the dashboard and a second 7-inch display nestled between the instruments. Both are bright, clear and fairly easy to read – even in direct sunlight.

The touchscreen is reasonably responsive and comes with a number of physical buttons on the dashboard, which is lucky, as the small onscreen buttons are quite difficult to hit while driving.

Happily, though, this larger system also comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard so you can instantly feel at home with either Apple or Google’s operating system projected straight onto the screen.

The screen within the instrument binnacle can display a range of features including sat-nav directions and a graphic that’ll show you how much air pressure there is in the tyres. You can easily scroll through these features using buttons on the steering wheel to find a display you’re happy with.

You can also download Jeep’s Uconnect app, which allows you to send sat-nav directions from your phone to your car or check how much fuel you have left in the tank without leaving the house.

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