New Kia Niro SUV spotted: price, specs and release date

John Tallodi
March 08, 2021

The upcoming Kia Niro has been spotted before its official debut later this year. Its design echos that of the 2019 HabaNiro concept and new Bayon SUV, read on to find out more.

  • Concept-inspired design
  • Bolder styling front and rear
  • Boomerang-shaped brake lights
  • Rear end to mimic new Bayon
  • Larger infotainment screen
  • Improved digital driver’s display likely
  • Hybrid, plug-in hybrid & EV expected
  • Possibly larger than outgoing model
  • Pricing will likely see slight increase
  • On sale in early 2022

The current Kia Niro is a decent choice if you’re looking for a small SUV, but its relatively cramped boot and generic design mean there are better options out there.

Judging from the lines of this camouflaged 2022 Niro prototype, it looks as though Kia is busy addressing both of those shortcomings. The new model is expected to carry over the current car’s impressive range of hybrid and electric engines when it goes on sale in 2022.

2022 Kia Niro design

Despite the fake rear body cladding and fabric-covered side panels, it appears that the new Kia Niro will be slightly longer and more exciting to look at than the outgoing model.

The new Niro’s rear should look similar to the Bayon, shown here

The boomerang rear light design is reminiscent of the recently revealed 2021 Bayon SUV (above) and 2019 HabaNiro concept (below), while the front looks to carry over design cues from the concept car too.

The Kia HabaNiro concept will inspire the new Niro’s design

That said, the headlights might not be quite as wild as the HabaNiro’s kinked LED strips, but there’s a chance the finished car could come with a similar two-tone paint option.

2022 Kia Niro Interior

The new Niro’s cabin should look more modern than the outgoing car’s, shown here

While there aren’t any official images to go on, it is highly likely that the new Niro’s interior will combine elements of other recently released Kias, such as an improved digital dashboard and larger central infotainment screen. You can expect both displays to be  at least 10.25-inches wide.

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Equipment levels are generous in the current model, even the mid-range offerings have heated leather seats. The new Kia Niro should be at least as well-equipped.

2022 Kia Niro Engines and Driving

Specs for the new Kia Niro’s engines have yet to be revealed but, as with the current Niro, you can expect a selection of Hybrid, plug-in Hybrid and fully electric variants. The 226hp Hybrid and 261hp plug-in Hybrid from the new Sorento could make an appearance in higher-spec cars, but don’t count on it.

2022 Kia e-Niro Variant

Kia will also release a new e-Niro electric car as part of its plans to launch 10 new electric cars before 2026, including an all-new electric SUV (shown above.)

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Seven of these EVs will be built using components shared with Hyundai, including Kia’s upcoming electric coupe-like SUV. This as-yet-unnamed vehicle will have around 300 miles of range and 100kW fast-charging capability; features that may well be in the new e-Niro as well.

The current e-Niro is available with either a 39kWh or 64kWh battery pack, the former offering 134hp and 180 miles of range while the latter produces 201hp and can travel up to 282 miles on a charge. It is unclear at this stage whether the new model will be available with more than one motor/battery combination.

2022 Kia Niro Price and Release Date

There is no release date yet for the new Kia Niro, but it’s likely it’ll make its official debut later this year and go on sale in early 2022. Current entry-level Hybrids cost from £25,150, while plug-in Hybrids set you back from £30,515.

There will be the inevitable price increase when the new model arrives, though, so you can expect to pay around £26,000 for an entry-level Hybrid Niro in 2022. The new Kia e-Niro electric car will arrive later, and is expected to set you back at least £30,000.

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