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Mercedes E-Class Coupe Performance

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Silky smooth six-cylinder engines fit the Mercedes E-Class Coupe’s comfortable cruiser image perfectly but they’re expensive to buy and thirstier than the four-cylinder models

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Performance and Economy

You can get the Mercedes E-Class Coupe with two petrol and two diesel engine with either four or six cylinders. All models come with a nine-speed automatic gearbox as standard and high-performance V6 models get four-wheel drive, too.

Pick an E220d model if you’re not too bothered about going quickly and want to save money at the pumps. Its 2.0-litre diesel engine isn’t quite as perky as the petrol versions but it’ll still accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 7.4 seconds. Mercedes claims it’ll return an impressive 61.4mpg, but expect to see around 50mpg in normal driving conditions.

The E300 petrol version can’t match the diesel’s economy – it’ll deliver around 32mpg in the real world – but it’s got a little more power to help make overtaking slow-moving traffic a breeze. It also grumbles slightly at idle and the artificial engine sounds piped through the car’s speakers make it sound a little more boy racer than luxury coupe.

The optional air suspension is a real must-have if you do lots of miles – it makes this already comfy Mercedes one of the most buttock-friendly coupes out there

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Both the six-cylinder E350d diesel and E400 petrol models are smoother and quieter on the move but cost significantly more to buy and run. Neither can match the fuel economy of their smaller siblings – 333hp E400 models will struggle to top 25mpg – but both come with four-wheel drive for a little extra grip in slippery conditions.

The standard nine-speed gearbox does a good job of slushing through gears and helps make the Mercedes E-Class Coupe dead easy to drive around town. If you prefer to use the manual shift paddles on the steering wheel each gear change is accompanied by an unpleasant surge. It feels neither sporty nor particularly responsive and somewhat ruins the Coupe’s otherwise sublime driving experience.

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The Mercedes E-Class Coupe isn’t quite as easy to see out of as the saloon so it’s a touch trickier to thread through tight city streets. The thick pillars where the doors meet the windscreen produce some large blindspots at junctions and the small rear windscreen makes parking a little nerve wracking, too. Thankfully, you get front and rear parking sensors, a reversing camera and even a self-parking system that’ll steer you into bay and parallel spaces automatically as standard.

The E-Class Coupe’s very comfortable at slow speeds. Its standard adaptive suspension does a good job of ironing out potholes and bumps around town but the optional £1,495 air suspension is even better. It comes as standard on V6 models and makes the Coupe a fabulous mile-munching cruiser.

There’s barely any wind noise or tyre roar – even at speed – and you get cruise control as standard. Neither the Audi A7 nor BMW 6 Series are quite as relaxing to drive as the stylish Mercedes.

Models with air suspension get selectable driving modes, too. Comfort makes the Mercedes feel as wafty as possible while Sport mode stiffens up the suspension to stop the heavy coupe from leaning too much in corners. It’s still not quite as engaging as the BMW 6 Series on a twisty backroad, however.

Euro NCAP hasn’t crash tested the Mercedes E-Class Coupe but its saloon sibling scored an impressive five-star rating in 2016. Expect this two-door model to offer near-identical protection in a collision.

You get automatic emergency city braking as standard on all models but the £1,695 Driver Assistance pack comes with a bewildering array of advanced systems to help keep you even safer. They’ll accelerate, brake and even steer for you on motorways – providing you keep your hands on the wheel – and can automatically adjust the car’s pace to match changing speed limits.

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