Mercedes EQS SUV revealed: price, specs and release date

April 19, 2022 by

This is the new Mercedes EQS SUV – the largest and most luxurious electric car Mercedes has ever built. Read on for full details. 

  • New Mercedes EQS SUV revealed
  • First purpose-built Mercedes EV SUV
  • Shares parts with EQS saloon
  • Optional seven-seat layout
  • Hyperscreen infotainment available
  • Single and dual-motor models available
  • 108kWh battery
  • 370 miles of WLTP range
  • Will cost from around £110,000

This is the new Mercedes EQS SUV. It’s the brand’s first purpose-built electric SUV and is set to be one of the most luxurious, most high-tech seven-seater cars ever made. Is this enough to make you cancel your Tesla Model X order?

The new EQS is available with a choice of motor configurations, but all come with the same huge 108kWh battery that’ll give you around 370 miles of range. It’ll go on sale later this year and is set to cost from around £110,000.

New Mercedes EQS SUV design

The new Mercedes EQS SUV looks (unsurprisingly) like a pumped-up EQS saloon. It has a similar blanked-off grille, near-identical bumpers and equally fancy-looking headlights – albeit with some new triangular running lights.

The big differences come when you step back and look at this huge SUV as a whole.

It’s a few centimeters wider than the EQS saloon and a whopping 20cm taller. Although, it’s actually 9cm shorter from end-to-end.

Some features you can’t get on the EQS saloon are the new running boards (which make it easier to get in and actually help to reduce drag).

At the back, you’ll see the EQS SUV has a similar full-width brake light design to the saloon, but you’ll instantly spot its more upright windscreen and roof-mounted spoiler.

New Mercedes EQS SUV interior

You’d have a hard time telling the new EQS SUV apart from the saloon in the front seats – so long as you ignore the raised view out…  The dashboard comes with the same dual-screen setup as standard (which also comes in the new S-Class) and you can pay extra to get Mercedes’ huge ‘Hyperscreen’ instead.

This replaces the whole dashboard with a massive display made up of three screens set in a single (vast) piece of glass. It looks great and comes with boatloads of features, but it’s also a magnet for grubby fingerprints…

Unlike the saloon, the EQS SUV comes with electrically adjustable back seats that can slide forward by up to 130mm.

Why? It makes it much easier to climb into the rearmost seats – yes, the EQS SUV is available with an optional third-row turning it into a super-posh seven-seater.

There’s just enough space in there for adults (on short trips, at least) and you can get five-zone climate control and heated seats across the board to keep everyone comfortable. That said, only the middle row comes with the option of extra touchscreens for each outer passenger.

New Mercedes EQS SUV motors and driving

You can get the new Mercedes EQS SUV with a single motor in rear-wheel-drive 450+ models, or with dual motors in four-wheel-drive 580 guise.

The 544hp 580 models are the quickest and should accelerate from 0-60mph in around 4.7 seconds. The 360hp 450+ cars won’t feel too sluggish, though – they should complete the same sprint in around 6.2 seconds.

Regardless of which model you pick, the Mercedes EQS SUV comes with adaptive air suspension as standard to iron out bumps, and you get rear-wheel steering to help make it more maneuverable in town and more stable at high speed.

You can even upgrade this system to make the huge EQS SUV turn just as tightly as a Mercedes A-Class hatchback – handy if you regularly park in built-up areas.

New Mercedes EQS SUV batteries and range

The new Mercedes EQS SUV comes with a huge 108kWh battery. In terms of range, you’ll be able to drive for around 370 miles in the longest-range 450+ models. That’s according to the latest WLTP combined test procedure.

You’ll be able to recharge it using 200kW public fast chargers (if you can find one), too. These can boost your range by up to 186 miles in just 15 minutes.

New Mercedes EQS SUV price and release date

Mercedes hasn’t confirmed exactly how much the new EQS SUV will cost, but it has said you can expect it to set you back around £10,000 more than the equivalent EQS saloon.

That means you’ll be forking out around £110,000 for an entry-level 450+ model, while higher-spec 580 models could cost more than £120,000.

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