New 2020 Mercedes S-Class price, specs and release date

Russell Campbell
July 06, 2018

The 2020 new Mercedes S-Class will come with autonomous driving tech and augmented-reality sat-nav. Read the latest price, specs and release date

  • New 2020 Mercedes S-Class spotted testing
  • Specs include augmented-reality sat-nav
  • Autonomous driving tech
  • Price from around £75,000
  • Due for release in 2020

The 2020 new Mercedes S-Class has been spotted undergoing city testing in Stuttgart Germany. The range-topping model is set to get advanced autonomous driving technology and an augmented reality sat-nav system. It’s an alternative to models such as the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Lexus LS and Jaguar XJ. Don’t want to wait for the new S-Class to hit showrooms? In that case, have a look at how much you can save on the current model by clicking the big green button below.

New 2020 Mercedes S-Class styling

The 2020 Mercedes S-Class looks very similar to the current model, even under the heavy camouflage of the car in these pictures. If you’re buying a model like this you’re unlikely to want look-at-me styling and, while the new S-Class will be very luxurious, it’ll also be able to melt into the background in a way you couldn’t in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley. Nevertheless, the new S-Class will get a prominent chrome grille complete with the all-important three-pointed star badge. Even entry-level models will get LED headlights as standard, while laser lights with matrix LEDs will be optional. You’ll be able to use the latter in oncoming traffic – they’ll be able to shade out traffic while lighting up the surrounding road – and will be hooked up to the car’s sat-nav to light up corners as effectively as possible.

In profile, the new S-Class should have the same flowing lines of the current model, but it’ll be slightly longer so that there’s more knee room for your rear-seat passengers. Expect all models to come with large alloy wheels and puddle lights that will light up the street around the car with Mercedes-branded LEDs. You can expect the car to be just as distinctive at the rear, thanks to a set of tail lights that will perform a sequential light-up sequence when you unlock the car. Its prominent rear will mean you get plenty of boot space and the new S-Class is bound to get the dreaded fake plastic tail lights that seem to be fitted to every current Mercedes model.

New 2020 Mercedes S-Class AMG-Line

If you want to make your new 2020 Mercedes S-Class look sportier without having to put up with the costs of a big-engined AMG model, AMG Line trim provides the answer. Spec it and your new S-Class will come with sporty front and rear bumpers, side skirts and huge multi-spoke alloy wheels with ‘Mercedes-Benz’ branded brake callipers. Inside, AMG Line models will come as standard with sports seats, alloy trim pieces and cool mood lighting.

New 2020 Mercedes S-Class interior

Even if you don’t go for an AMG Line model, the new 2020 Mercedes S-Class will look extremely smart inside. It’s set to get augmented technology we haven’t yet seen on any other Mercedes. Instead of following sat-nav directions on a screen, in the new S-Class, you’ll follow directions that appear to be projected onto the road itself, although they’ll actually be reflected onto the windscreen. Aside from looking very, very cool – the system will make sat-nav directions extremely easy to follow as well as meaning that you never have to take your eyes off the road. That’s a bit of a shame because the new S-Class is set to get one of the most luxurious interiors you have ever clapped eyes on – so you’ll want to look at it as much as possible. All models are likely to come with a pair of 12.3-inch multifunction screens that will be controlled via Mercedes MBUX voice activation systems. It should be able to control more functions than ever before so, along with setting the sat-nav and turning up the air-con, you’ll also likely be able to do things like close blinds and open windows without lifting a finger. With conventional buttons rendered (almost) obsolete, you can expect the S-Class to come crammed full of more leather than a milking parlour and you’ll be able to choose from wood, metal and carbon-fibre look trims. LED lighting – offering a huge range of switchable colours – will make the S-Class’ cabin look just as cool at night and you’ll also likely to be able to spec a headlining that mimics the sky at night. You’ll even able to make the S-Class smell to your tastes thanks to a ventilation system that’ll offer a range of fragrances.

New 2020 Mercedes S-Class practicality

Not only will you find the new 2020 Mercedes S-Class smells like a spa it should be an equally comfortable place to spend time in. It seems likely that even entry-level models will come with electric seats that offer a full range of adjustment, along with heating, cooling and massage functions, too. Factor in a steering wheel that adjusts electrically, and it’s unlikely that you’ll feel uncomfortable behind the wheel of the Mercedes, whether you’re very tall or very small. The same will go for your friends in the back seat – whatever their size, they should be able to get comfortable. You might even buy the S-Class to be driven in, rather than to drive, in which case you’ll be able to choose from a range of different back seats that’ll offer heating, cooling and adjustment if you don’t mind paying extra for it. Mercedes is also likely to offer the S-Class with a pair of individual rear seats that will recline back almost flat and include a leg rest that rise up from the floor.

On top of all that, you’ll be able to spec the new 2020 Mercedes S-Class with a range of rear-seat infotainment screens, blinds and a huge panoramic glass sunroof that can turn opaque at the flick of a switch. If you want it, you’ll also be able to specify a rear fridge, so you needn’t be at home to toast sealing that big deal. The only downside of the fridge is that it will eat into boot space. Avoid it and you can expect the S-Class to swallow several suitcases with ease, although most models come without rear seats that can fold to give you more luggage space.

New 2020 Mercedes S-Class specs

The Mercedes S-Class is a car you are as likely to want to be driven in as to drive. If the former applies to you, then prepare to lay off the chauffeur because the new 2020 Mercedes S-Class will capable of driving itself, where local laws allow. So, along with being able to steer and brake itself on the motorway and in queues of traffic, it will also be able to take over driving duties in town – quite possibly why the car pictured was spotted in central Stuttgart. It could even be set up to deal with junctions by understanding when other road users have right of way when making right turns, say.

Even if you do the driving yourself, you can expect the S-Class to be an extremely relaxing way to travel. As with the current model, air-suspension is set to be a standard fit – so the Mercedes will feel like it is floating over bumps. A system that stops the car from leaning in bends will be another feature that’s already available in the current model. You can also expect the S-Class to be very quiet, thanks to all the windows featuring double glazing and the Mercedes being fitted with a similar noise-cancelling system that you get with high-end headphones.

New 2020 Mercedes S-Class engines

The new Mercedes S-Class is set to get a range of six, eight and 12-cylinder engines – some of which will feature mild-hybrid power to boost fuel economy – combined with a nine-speed automatic gearbox (S65 models get a seven-speed gearbox that can handle their extra power). You’re also likely to be able to spec a plug-in petrol-electric hybrid model. If you do a range of driving, though, you’ll still likely be best off with the entry-level six-cylinder diesel model – likely to be badged the 350d, with around 300hp. It’ll be capable of returning fuel economy of more than 50mpg while being able to surge the heavy S-Class from 0-62mph in under seven seconds. It’ll have plenty of punch on the motorway and should also be extremely quiet at a cruise. The 400d model will offer you the same engine but boosted to around 350hp – it’ll be quicker but also slightly thirstier on fuel.

If you’ll often use your S-Class in town then the plug-in hybrid model might be the one to go for. It’ll likely use a smooth six-cylinder petrol engine that’ll be boosted by a large electric motor – to increase performance but to also allow the car to run on pure-electric power alone for around 30 miles. The resulting low CO2 emissions would make it exempt from paying London’s Congestion Charge, and running on electric power alone would also make the car very cheap to run if you have a short commute and somewhere you can top up the battery.

New 2020 Mercedes S-Class AMG

At the other end of the scale from the hybrid model, you’ll find a pair of hugely quick AMG models called the AMG S 63 and the AMG S 65. They’ll have four-wheel drive for extra grip and a seven-speed automatic gearbox that’ll be tough enough to handle their huge power outputs. You can expect the AMG S 63 to use a revised version of the twin-turbo, 4.0-litre V8 fitted to the current car. Producing more than 610hp, it’ll get you and your passengers from 0-62mph in a shade over four seconds, but burn petrol at a similarly impressive rate. The S65 model, meanwhile, is likely to get a newer version of the twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 fitted to the current model. That’ll produce more than 630hp, to get the car from 0-62mph in under four seconds, although even the notoriously optimistic official fuel economy figure barely betters 20mpg.

2020 new Mercedes S-Class Coupe

If you fancy the idea of a sporty S-Class, then you’ll want to sidestep the big four-door saloon model and go for the more compact (relatively speaking) two-door new 2020 Mercedes S-Class Coupe. Its stylish looks and high price mean it’ll be an alternative to classy GT cars such as the Bentley Continental GT and Aston Martin DB11 AMR. However, its back seats won’t be as spacious as those offered by the four-door S-Class. The S-Class Coupe will also sacrifice a smidgen of comfort to feel more agile in bends, but it will still be a heavy car that will feel at its best gobbling up huge mileages on the motorway and fast A-roads. Its sportier nature means you’ll only be able to get it with a range of eight and 12-cylinder petrol engines. You can also expect it to carry a £15,000 premium over a similarly specified four-door model.