New Honda Civic released... in a strange green colour

Honda have just released first shots of the all-new Honda Civic. For some reason theyve chosen an odd khaki green, we give our thoughts on it. (The car, not the colour).

There are no real details yet, such as engines or prices, just photos. Its clearly recognisable as a Civic, thats for sure. The last Civic was pretty brave with its styling, and Honda have gone for an evolutionary approach here.
The first shot we saw was the one above. Our initial impressions were that it looks like the current Civic but slightly melted down, and with a big red wart on its back. Though there seems to be quite a bit of black on the car, such as on the front bumper and roof, which should look a lot better on other colours and will help it stand out.
Honda Civic 2012 side
It looks like itll be slightly bigger, though the press release tells us that the interior space remains the same.
Honda Civic rear
Itll only be available as a 5-door, theres no word yet on a 3-door. First deliveries will be early next year.
Honda Civic 2012 interior
Behind the wheel there seems to be a lot of information presented to the driver, in the form of 3 massive dials, a sat-nav screen and then another screen on top of all that. Its typically Japanese inside in terms of styling, though we approve of the bright blue lights.
New Honda Civic interior


If anything this new Civic looks less adventurous than the last one, perhaps its just because were so used to seeing the current one around weve become accustomed to its style. God knows why they chose such an odd green, but based on looks alone this new Civic is a slight let-down.
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