2012 Toyota Prius facelift - What's Different?

If you dont know what the Toyota Prius is, youve probably spent the last decade in a hole. Now refined and developed over three generations, its one of the cleanest, most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market - and Toyota is updating it for 2012.


There are no fundamental changes to the Prius shape, partly because its so well-recognised as it is (if you change the shape, it ceases to be a Prius), and partly due to the aerodynamic efficiency that Toyota has worked hard to achieve. Still, the new car gets an updated front bumper with a wider, lower look - you might even say it looks quite sporty.
Toyota Prius facelift back
The headlights now have new clear lenses and T Spirit models now get LED headlamps. The rear lights have gained subtle alterations, T3 models get new wheel trims and two new colours, Dark Blue and Cabernet Red metallic join the roster.
Toyota Prius facelift side


The inside is more evolution than revolution too, with changes aimed at improving perceived quality. Darker dashboard materials and new seat trims are available, and the already comfortable seats themselves gain a wider range of adjustment.
Toyota Prius facelift interior
Visually, not a lot has changed, Toyota presumably going by the if it aint broke mantra. Theyve allowed themselves one indulgence though - the hybrid system start button now glows blue


The Prius now runs on nothing but fresh air and the dreams of bunny rabbits.
Only kidding. Theyve not changed the engine or hybrid system, but its still one of the cleanest cars on sale, managing combined economy of 72.4mpg, and pumping out only 89g/km of CO2. That means free road tax, and you still get to stick two fingers up at Londons congestion charge goblins.
Toyota Prius 2012

Worth knowing

The Prius was already well equipped, but the new model is even better. Toyotas Touch touchscreen system is now standard on all trim levels, and the Toyota Touch Go Plus multimedia and navigation system is available on a wider range of models - and standard on the T Spirit. With it, you get Bluetooth, a rear-view camera, a USB port and connection to the internet via Google Local Search and a compatible mobile phone.
Toyota also says that steering feel has been improved - though most owners will probably neither notice, nor care.
Price: From 21,350
Available from: March


Toyotas Prius has always sold on the basis of its economy, reliability and green image. None of those things have changed in the facelift, so it should continue selling well.
Owners are sure to appreciate the subtle changes that freshen it up, and everyone likes a whole load of extra equipment for no extra cost.

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