New £71k Porsche Taycan revealed with 408hp, rear-wheel-drive and 268-mile range

January 20, 2021 by

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A new entry-level version of the Porsche Taycan has been revealed, with two battery options and up to 301 miles range on offer. Read on for full details.

  • Entry-level Taycan starts at £70,690
  • First rear-wheel-drive Taycan
  • Two battery options available
  • Can be charged to 80% in 23 minutes
  • On sale in Spring ’21

Porsche has introduced a new entry-level version of its all-electric Taycan, as an alternative to cheaper versions of the Tesla Model S.

With prices kicking off from £70,690, this new Taycan brings the entry point of the range down by almost £13,000 – but not at the expense of a huge compromise in range or performance.

Two battery options are available for the latest Porsche Taycan. The first is a 79.2kWh variant that delivers 408hp in its ‘overboost’ mode. Porsche says this version can cover 268 miles between charges.

The new Taycan is available with different batteries offering 268 or 301 miles of range.

Pay an extra £4,049 to upgrade the Porsche Taycan with the 93.4kWh Performance Battery Plus option, and peak power is increased to 476hp with the claimed range leaping up to 301 miles.

Whichever battery you choose, this new entry-level Porsche Taycan comes with rear-wheel drive and can cover the 0-60mph sprint in 5.4 seconds before going on to a 143mph top speed.

Both models can be charged from flat to 80% full in 23 minutes through a fast charger (up to 225kW as standard and 270kW for Performance Battery Plus), with Porsche also saying 62 miles of range can be added in five minutes.

Beyond that though, little else has been changed about the Taycan formula. Its sleek styling has been retained and the only indication of this being an entry-level model is a Taycan badge on the back – which can be removed at the factory free of charge. LED headlights still come as standard, with 19-inch wheels included in the package.

One screen not enough? Get one for your passenger, too.

Inside the new Taycan, a 10.9-inch infotainment touchscreen comes as standard with an option for a screen at the passenger side of the car, too. A partial leather interior is fitted for no extra cost, though there is also an option for a vegan-friendly, leather-free cabin that utilises recycled materials.

Practicality matches the rest of the Taycan range, too. There’s still 407 litres of space available in the car’s boot, with 84 litres of storage at the front as well.

The new rear-wheel-drive model is just as practical as existing 4WD Taycans.

Out of the box, the Porsche Taycan rides on steel-spring suspension, but you can pay extra to upgrade to air suspension, though both versions benefit from adaptive dampers with sport and comfort settings. Air suspension does add a nose-raising function to help you clear obstacles such as speed bumps or questionably-designed car park entrances

2021 Porsche Taycan price and release date

Orders are now being taken for the entry-level £70,690 Porsche Taycan, with the first UK examples set to arrive in Spring.

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