Fisker unveils Alaska all-electric pick-up: everything we know

August 07, 2023 by

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Based on the Ocean SUV, the Alaska is set to be the world’s most sustainable and lightest electric pick-up available. Read on to find out more.

  • Alaska is third vehicle from Fisker
  • Gets special retractable rear window
  • Range up to 340 miles
  • Deliveries to begin early 2025

All-electric vehicle firm Fisker has revealed its first pick-up truck, called the Alaska.

Built on the same platform as the Ocean SUV, which is set to arrive in the UK by the end of 2023, the Alaska comes with some cool features and bold claims.

Unlike cars such as the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T, the Fisker Alaska is much more affordable but is no less stand-out in terms of design.

The Alaska certainly has a distinct look to it, with a thin bar connecting the slimline headlights and ‘ALASKA’ written out across the front.

There’s quite a lot of blank space between the lights and the lower bumper though, where you’ll find two hitch points, air inlets to cool the motors and daytime running lights.

Down the side, you can see how high the bonnet is, with a lot of space between the bottom of the window and top of the cladding around the lower edge of the car. You also get chunky alloy designs and door handles that pop-out when you need them.

The best design feature though is at the back. Rather than having two definitive areas of the pick-up – cabin and load bed – the rear window and wall can be retracted, called the ‘Houdini trunk’. You can fold the seats down and have a load length of up to 9.2ft when the tailgate is flat, up from 4.5ft for the standard load bed.

You also get lights in the load bed, while ‘FISKER’ is written out across the back and there’s a rear light bar across the tailgate.

While there’s little information on the specs for the Alaska’s cabin, you can see from this screengrab of the car’s reveal that you have a huge central infotainment touchscreen, and the materials used will all be sustainably sourced.

It will likely resemble the cabin layout of the Ocean SUV, but with a more rugged feel.

There’s also space for three people in the back, and even a handy hook for a cowboy hat if you’re so inclined.

Based on the same chassis as the Ocean, the Alaska will likely be offered with the rear-wheel and all-wheel drive power options. They’ll be paired to either the Touring or Hyper Range battery packs, with Fisker saying range will be between 230 and 340 miles.

It’s not confirmed whether the Alaska will be offered on the UK market, but model deliveries are expected to start in the first half of 2025 with prices starting from $45,400 (around £35,500).

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