New Fisker Ocean electric SUV on sale now: price and specs

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The new Fisker Ocean is on sale now, with prices starting from £36,900. Deliveries of this new EV will start imminently, and it has up to 440 miles of range. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New Fisker Ocean on sale soon
  • Highly commended in the 2024 Carwow Awards
  • Prices start from £36,900
  • Fisker drops price of range-topping car
  • Plans to offer battery swapping
  • Futuristic design
  • Up to 440 miles of range
  • 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds

The new Fisker Ocean is almost here. This American electric SUV provides an alternative to cars like the BMW iX3 and Audi Q4 e-tron, and it’ll be available to test drive in the UK soon.

Prices start from £36,900, and Fisker has knocked almost £3,000 off the price of the range-topping car for a limited time. The stylish exterior and impressive range are just a couple of reasons that the Ocean has been highly commended in the Carwow Awards as one of the most highly anticipated cars of 2024.

How much is the new Fisker Ocean?

The new Fisker Ocean starts from £36,900, and first deliveries in the UK are just days away. If you order one now, it could be on your driveway within three months. There are three trim levels to choose from: Sport, Ultra and Extreme.

New Fisker Ocean Sport

Entry-level Sport models cost £36,900. That’s over £1,500 less than a base-model Skoda Enyaq, and for this you get a single motor sending power to the front wheels, and the smaller of the two battery options. Standard equipment includes a 17.1-inch touchscreen, a panoramic sunroof, reversing camera and automatic high beam.

New Fisker ocean Ultra

Mid-spec Ultra models are quite a bit more expensive, starting from £50,900. For this you get all-wheel-drive and a larger battery, an upgraded sound system and a digital rear-view mirror.

New Fisker Ocean Extreme

Top-of-the-range Extreme versions of the Fisker Ocean get the longest range, as well as the most power. Standard equipment also includes a 360-degree camera, adaptive cruise control and lane change assist.

This model would’ve set you back £60,880, however Fisker has dropped the price to entice new buyers in. The Extreme is now available for £57,900, and those who plced their order when the price was higher will receive a £2,980 reimbursement.

New Fisker Ocean Force E revealed

Adding to the standard Fisker Ocean range, the brand is also planning to launch a tough-looking off-roader called the Force E. There aren’t many all-electric mud-pluggers on the market right now, until the Toyota Land Cruiser Se comes along in a few years time that is.

You get huge 33-inch knobbly tyres mounted to 20-inch reinforced alloy wheels, making sure this car doesn’t get caught out in the rough stuff. You also get full underbody protection, as well as front and rear skid plates.

The Force E is expected to have around 550hp, and it’s likely to go on sale later next year.

New Fisker Ocean battery swapping

Fisker has recently announced plans to offer the Ocean in Europe with battery swapping technology by the beginning of 2024. This means instead of plugging your car in at a service station to charge, you simply drive into a bay and get a new, fully charged battery and go on your way.

This would eliminate range anxiety, as long as the network of swapping stations grows. Chinese car maker Nio already offers this service in mainland Europe, with just a handful of stations in Sweden, Norway and Germany, however there are more than 1,200 of them in China.

Fisker has partnered with a company called Ample to deliver this technology in Europe and North America. According to Ample, battery swapping takes just a few minutes and is cheaper than filling up with petrol. Because the batteries are charged slowly, there’s no need for high-voltage electrical systems to be installed meaning less construction is needed, and it prolongs the life of the batteries.

New Fisker Ocean electric SUV design

The electric SUV market is quite a crowded one, so models from newcomer brands like Fisker need to stand out. Thankfully, the Ocean is a great-looking car.

The design is awash with complex curves and bold angles, and those slim LED headlights with the full-width LED light bar make the front end look thoroughly modern. That large air intake lower down also adds a hint of aggression.

The wheel arches are pretty massive as well, and they’re filled by 20-inch alloy wheels. If they seem a bit puny to you then 22-inch alloys are also available.

The rearmost windows are thinner than the ones above the car’s doors, to make it look more like a sporty hatchback and less like a boxy SUV.

At the back, the stand-out feature is the razor-thin LED lights that wrap around the side of the car. You also get a rear window that rolls down to help cool the car’s cabin, or to let you carry really long luggage (such as surfboards, shown above.)

New Fisker Ocean motors, batteries and range

The new Fisker Ocean is available in either single or dual-motor formats. The entry-level Sport model gets front-wheel-drive and 275hp, enough for a 0-60mph time of 6.9 seconds.

The Ultra model gets dual motors and all-wheel-drive, putting out 540hp and accelerating from 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds. Range-topping Extreme and limited-edition One models get an extra 10hp, bringing it up to 550hp.

All but the entry-level model get a 100kWh battery, with the front wheel-drive version getting a slightly smaller pack and 273 miles of range.

The Ultra model gets 379 miles of range, around the same as the Mercedes EQS SUV. It’s the Extreme model which really impresses though, it has 440 miles of range. That’s more than any other electric SUV on sale today, beating the Tesla Model X by over 100 miles.

New Fisker Ocean electric SUV interior and infotainment

Minimalist interiors are pretty common in new EVs these days, just looks at the Tesla Model Y. The new Fisker Ocean has taken this trend on board it seems, as there are very few buttons in this cabin.

You do get some physical buttons for the climate control, something you can’t say of the Tesla, and there’s a massive 17.0-inch touchscreen. It can even rotate from portrait to landscape so you can enjoy a film while you’re waiting for it to charge.

Looking elsewhere, the Ocean will comfortably seat 5, and the interior is fully vegan-friendly. Some of the materials used are made from recycled fishing nets and used T-Shirts.

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