Toyota Supra performance parts revealed

February 11, 2019 by

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Not a fan of the new Toyota Supra’s styling? Worry not, TRD’s here to help…

If the new Toyota Supra’s styling left you yearning for more – judging by the comments on YouTube, you’re not alone – then TRD (Toyota Racing Development) may have answered your prayers with this, the Toyota GR Supra Performance Line Concept. It gives you an idea (naturally, Toyota has yet to confirm anything in stone) of the kind of performance parts that you’ll be able to spec on the £52,000 car.

Notably, all the new bits shown here are made from light-weight (and expensive) carbon fibre and should offer real performance benefits – not something you can usually say about a body kit on a car this price. The aerodynamic overhaul kicks off with a new front bumper that is said to reduce front-end lift – the unnerving lightening of the steering wheel feel you often get when you drive a car at speed – while side skirts on the Supra’s flanks help smooth the air past the wheels. They work in tandem with new aerodynamic door features and rear spats to help the car feel stable as it approaches vmax, while a boot-mounted spoiler helps balance out the effect of the front aero. Finishing off the look are new 19-inch forged alloy wheels that are apparently extremely rigid to make the car feel more precise in corners.

Whether any of that actually matters is up for debate – the main reason you’re likely to spec the parts is that they make the Supra look like a far more aggressive machine than it does in standard form. In a range-topping, 340hp sports car – that’s arguably what matters most.

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