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Land Rover Discovery

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9.2 wowscore
Facelift land rover discovery side
  • Handsome looks
  • Very good build quality
  • Seats 7 in comfort
  • Quite expensive to run
  • High tax band
  • That’s about it!
The Land Rover Discovery 4 is a car that many critics love – quite a few of them have given it the perfect score, which is mightily impressive! It does have its fair share of problems, but overall the Discovery is one of the finest luxury SUVs on sale - it even features in our Top Ten 7 Seater Cars, as well as our Best 7 Seater SUVs.


Land Rover is now positioned in the marketplace as a premium brand, so it’s no surprise that the Disco has a very high quality cabin, especially on the top spec HSE models, and all models get a new multimedia touchscreen interface in the dashboard. There’s loads of storage spaces up front, and there’s acres of room in the rear, though one tester did state that the legroom was a bit restrictive.

Even the two seats at the very back are suitable for adults, though getting to them isn’t that easy. The boot space is reasonable when all the chairs are in use, and absolutely massive once the middle and rear rows have been folded down.


Being a high-riding SUV that weighs more than two tonnes, the Discovery isn’t going to be the sharpest car in its class to drive, with noticeable body roll in the bends hinting at its vast mass. However, most of the critics thought it had very good road manners, with relatively sharp steering and exceptional ride quality and refinement.

The Disco’s huge size does make it fairly tricky to navigate in towns, but there’s fairly good visibility and it comes with cameras mounted in the front bumpers, which helps with parking manoeuvres. As expected from a Land Rover, the Discovery is brilliant off-road, and far more capable in the rough stuff than its street-orientated rivals.


There's currently only engine on sale, the SDV6. It got an update for the 2012 Discovery and is exceptionally refined, and comes with an excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox. The critics also thought that, for its size, the Disco had very good performance and fuel economy, though tax will cost £445 a year.

Value for money

The Discovery certainly isn’t the cheapest car you’ll ever come across, especially in HSE trim, but the impressive standard equipment, high build quality and off-road talents do help justify the premium. It’s also significantly cheaper than its less practical bigger brother, the Range Rover.

However, it is quite expensive to run, and if you can live without the luxurious furnishings and desirable badge, there are some rivals that offer a similar package for much less money.

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Worth noting

One novelty trim level in the Discovery range is the ‘Commercial’ model. It’s one of the cheaper Discos to buy, and is available with both of the excellent diesel engines. Don’t get too excited by it though, as it only comes with two seats – the benches in the back have been yanked out to offer up more space, so it’s only suitable for load lugging duties!


The Land Rover Discovery is comfortably one of the best SUVs out there. The engines are punchy and refined, there’s enough space on offer for seven people and it’s phenomenal off-road.

It’s not the cheapest car in the world to buy or run, and some of its competitors do have slightly better road manners, but very few can match the Discovery’s broad range of abilities. If you can afford such a car, we thoroughly recommend it, the Discovery 4 is one of the very best 4x4s on sale.

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Key Details

Price range:
£41,595 - £59,965
Date released:
Replacement due:
Not for a couple of years
Model history:
In 2010 the 211PS 3.0 TDV6 was introudced. In mid-2011 the Discovery got a slight update, with some slight mechanical changes and new off-road features. The SDV6 engine was also made more powerful and a new 8-speed automatic gearbox was introduced.
Options to go for:
The parking cameras will come in very useful!
The http://www.carwow.co.uk/blog/Discovery-Luxury-Edition-170 was launched in April 2012.
9.2 out of 10 from 17 reviews
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Type Reviews Score
3.0 SDV6 7 9.5
3.0 TDV6 10 9.0
General 3 9.0
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Land Rover Discovery User Reviews

3.0 TDV6 (2011) 27.0 mpg
9 wowscore

I only picked up our new Discovery 4 weeks ago, but it's already proved to be a winner. What a car. 

Before this we had a Shogun, this feels about a hundred times better. It's just so smooth and poweful. The interior is stunning, a real work of art, the seats comforatble and supportive. 

We got ours in black and it seems to be turning a lot of heads. I think it's partly to do with the funny halo like lights in the headlamps which are always on. The wife doesn't like the attention but me and the children think it makes it look really smart. 

Haven't had any need to take it off-road though, but am looking forward to it. One of the main reasons we chose it is because all the reviews said how good it is. Will be interesting to see how the Disco compares to the Shogun in that area.

  • By Paul Sampson, who owns this car
3.0 Twin sequential turbo (2011) 28.0 mpg
9 wowscore

This is my second Discovery 4. I clocked up 20k miles in the first one and missed it like crazy when I had to let it go. I was over the moon to be able to get another and am just about to pass 16k in this one. It's a jaw-droppingly awesome car. Considering what you get for your money it's an absolute bargain. 4 cars in one. You get an executive motorway mile-muncher, a huge family wagon, a cavernous work horse, and an unstoppable off roader.

Regardless of whether you want to waft effortlessly in luxury over thousands of motorway miles, or lug a family plus the kitchen sink to a holiday, or get to the kind of places a car just shouldn't be able to get to, you couldn't get a better car.

It doesn't look out of place where ever you take it. I take it on business trips and can park it in any customer car park knowing it can hold its own. Even when covered in mud it still looks great.

It has been off road, taken on camping trips, brought double beds home, plus a crazy amount of Ikea flat-packs and taken a family on continental holidays. It's even been a camper van with seats folded down and a sleeping mat and sleeping bag in the back. From blazing sunshine, through driving rain and arctic winters, the Disco just takes it in its stride.

Performance is very good for a car of this size, leaving many a boy-racer sitting open mouthed at the lights. Pulling out at junctions is a doddle. Fuel economy isn't great, I average 28 MPG. However, that is with a heavy right foot. You could do better with a more gentle driving style. Tax and servicing costs are high, but in my opinion worth every penny.

It doesn't matter what the weather, where you go, or what you do. The Discovery 4 is the car to do it in.

  • By Keith Lister, who owns this car
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