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List of the 10 best 4x4s with big boots

We’ve put together a list of the 10 full-size 4x4s with the biggest boots. As some of the cars in our top 10 are available with seven seats, the volumes we’ve quoted refer to what’s on offer in five-seat mode.

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10 – Porsche Cayenne – 670 litres

Arguably the most performance-oriented SUV on sale – the Porsche Cayenne – also boasts levels of practicality to rival some of the best in the class. Whichever way you look at it, the 670-litre boot is very impressive.

In the case of the Turbo S variant, there’s little else available which can carry this much stuff yet accelerate from 0-62mph in only 4.1 seconds.

9 – Mercedes GL-Class – 680 litres

The first of three Mercedes on the list, the GL-Class is the largest of the trio, but with the smallest boot – not that the 680-litre volume can ever be considered ‘small’. Its smaller boot is thanks to its seven-seat layout.

Once the boot is loaded up, you’ll discover that the GL is supremely comfortable and spacious. It is, however, perhaps a little too large for most UK roads…

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8 – Mercedes GLE-Class – 690 litres

The Mercedes GLE-Class (formerly known as the M-Class), on the other hand, isn’t as intimidating to drive as the GL. It’s still a big machine but, for a car with such a high centre of gravity, it feels reassuringly stable to drive, even through busy cities.

Thanks to a frugal 2.1-litre turbodiesel, up to 46.3mpg is possible – not bad for such a heavy car. If you don’t need the extra pair of seats, we’d recommend choosing the GLE over the GL.

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7 – Mercedes G-Class – 699 litres

For those who crave attention, the Mercedes G-Class draws the eye unlike any other Mercedes 4×4. First released in 1979 for use as a military vehicle, the G-Class feels rather archaic on the road despite remaining brilliant off it. Despite the questionable road manners, it’s become one of the most fashionable SUVs around, drawing hordes of celebrity owners.

Regardless of its famous owners, you’ll struggle to fill the 699-litre boot (in diesel models only – the bonkers AMG is smaller in the back).

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6 – Audi Q7 – 770 litres

The first generation Audi Q7 was known for being something of a behemoth both inside and out – and its replacement is no different. Boot space in five-seat mode has crept up to 770 litres but, even in seven-seat mode, there is still about the same luggage space as you’ll find in a Ford Fiesta.

Audi engineers have managed to trim over 300kg from it compared to the old car, so it’s now faster, more economical and better to drive than ever.

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5 – Jeep Grand Cherokee – 782 litres

If you’re looking for a well-equipped, chunky-looking large SUV with genuine off road potential, the Jeep Grand Cherokee might just be the car for you. It’s big, bold and impressively comfortable on the road.

Thanks to a 782-litre boot, it scores highly in the practicality stakes, too. The 3.0-litre diesel is capable of lugging large loads, while the SRT8 performance model is perfect for fans of loud noises and blurry scenery.

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4 – Range Rover Sport – 784 litres

Knocking the Jeep into fourth place by just two litres is the Range Rover Sport. It’s highly regarded by critics as one of the most talented all-round big SUVs on the market – it’s fun to drive, comfortable, and is capable of seating seven people.

The huge boot means there’s more than enough space to satisfy even the most avid of furniture shoppers, and despite the sporty-looking tyres, it remains impressive when going off-road.

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3 – Range Rover – 909 litres

The pinnacle of luxury off-roading, the Range Rover also scores incredibly highly on the practicality front. A 909-litre boot is almost double that offered by the Jaguar XE saloon. The tailgate splits to open, which means the lower half can double as a makeshift bench – perfect for enjoying the countryside without getting muddy or, indeed, walking.

Inside, the Range Rover has one of the finest interiors of any car on sale. A pair of strong, torquey diesels make ideal tow cars, while the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 petrol provides hilarious straight line speed if you can stomach the massive fuel bills.

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2 – Volvo XC90 – 1,102 litres

If you frequently carry up to six passengers but still need room for cargo, the Volvo XC90 is the car to have. Even in seven-seat mode, 451 litres of luggage space means it’s 71 litres more roomy than a Volkswagen Golf hatchback.

Beyond the incredible practicality, the XC90 is wonderfully refined, surprisingly economical and as safe as you’d expect a Volvo to be. It might not quite match the Land Rover range off-road, but how often will that really matter?

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1 – Land Rover Discovery – 1,124 litres

Just squeezing to the number one spot ahead of the XC90 is the venerable Land Rover Discovery. Even after so many years on the market, it remains not only one of the most spacious SUVs, but one of the most capable too – whether on or off-road.

A full seven seater – the back pair of chairs can be folded away to reveal a gigantic 1,124-litre space. That it’s refined, grippy and fantastic at towing is simply the icing on a very spacious cake.

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What next?

If you’ve fallen for any of the cars on this list, pop them into our car configurator to see how much carwow could help you save. For more options, head over to our deals page or, if you still can’t pick what car you want, check out our car chooser.

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£50,435 - £71,370
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£77,235 - £167,350
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