Absurdly Expensive Car Options

November 04, 2010 by


The colour of your paintwork can significantly affect how much your car is worth when it comes to selling it. It’s important to be aware that by choosing that striking off-beat colour you fancy, you could reduce the car’s value dramatically. Though with the price of these paintwork options, I don’t think that the buyers are too concerned about depreciation…

Want ‘Pearlescent paint’ on a Maserati Quattroporte? That’ll be £5,288 please.

Matt black paint for a Lamborghini Gallardo? £16,743.

Or how about the ‘Satin paint’ finish on a Bentley Continental GT? You’ll have to fork out £22,000 in that case. That’s close to the price of a brand new Golf GTI!

But it’s not just the whole car that can be painted. If you want racing stripes down the front of a Ferrari 599 GTO it will set you back a hefty £7589. Just for a single white stripe!

Interior options

Seeing as you spend a lot of time driving around in your car, it makes sense you may want to buy some interior options to add some style and comfort to your journey, such as floor mats or leather seats. However you may have to re-mortgage to afford these options:

Lamb wool mats for a Bentley Flying Spur, that’s £515.

Rear-shelf in leather for a Ferrari 458, tick that option and it’ll be an extra £1,712.

Want folding rear tables? For a Maybach 57, that’ll be £3,040 please. This makes the £1,880 tables in the Rolls-Royce Ghost look like an absolute bargain!

Know someone who owns a Rolls-Royce Phantom that has nowhere to keep their pen? How about suggesting the ‘Pen set in the glovebox’ for $4,800.  Oh and while you’ll there you may as well snap up the ‘Thicker steering wheel’ for a mere $4,540.

Everyone knows that air vent slats look ugly, usually composed of cheap black plastic. Luckily Porsche have come up with a solution. You’ll be pleased to hear that at just £547, you can get hold of their ‘Aluminum look air vent slats’ for your 911 Turbo. Just £547.

Obviously you’ll need want a sunroof in your swanky new car. And if you just so happen to be ordering a new Maybach 62, you can get one for £11,670. Making £4,582 for the Rolls-Royce Ghost sunroof look good value.

Now that’s just silly!

If you are privileged enough to be able to afford a Maybach 62, chances are you can afford a chauffeur too. Don’t let him spy on you in the back by ordering the ‘Partition screen’, at £23,740.

Order a Ferrari 599 and you can get the rear windows (Allow me to clarify. Just the rear ones. Not the front ones) tinted for £2,585.

Perhaps a a new Porsche Cayenne is on the cards? Looking forward to getting it delivered? Why not save Porsche some money and go and pick it up from the factory. You’ll be charged £1,515 for the honour of doing so.

Purchasing a Ferrari 458 gives you the choice of a rev counter in either red or yellow. What’s that, you want it in white? That’ll be an extra £592 then.

You know those air fresheners that people hang on their rear-view mirrors? The Maybach equivalent is the ‘Perfume Atomiser’. It’s a $6,000 device that pumps out perfume into the air (picutred below).

The most expensive option ever?

The priciest option we can find might just save your life.

Tick the box labelled ‘Armoured package GUARD B4’ whilst ordering a Maybach 62 and you’ll be protected from pistol and sub-machine gun fire. Handy.

The cost – £151,810.


The price? If you have to ask…

For the luxury manufactures, the most expensive options don’t appear on the price list at all. Tell them what you want and chances are they’ll  build it.

Need the leather in your Lamborghini the same shade as your wallet? Consider it done.

Want a gun cabinet built in the back of your Range Rover? Not a problem.

Ask Rolls-Royce to build you a custom picnic set for your car and they will.

For the kind of people who order these bespoke options, the only limit is their imagination.