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Aston Martin’s Hilariously Bad ‘Viral’ Videos

Aston Martin is in the process of releasing a series of short videos to ‘virally’ promote the Rapide. They aren’t going to go viral for the right reasons though.

The mini-series is about four wannabe-007 agents who have to go on some secret mission. It’s appallingly cringeworthy and has a very strange plot.

Aston Martin have also set up Twitter accounts for each of the four agents, in the Bio section of one of the agent’s account is ‘Weapons specialist and keen harpist’.

We’re pretty sure that Aston Martin are not just having a bit of a laugh, but that they were seriously ill advised by some ‘social media experts’.

There’s no doubting the Rapide looks nice in the videos, but it’s not a good marketing exercise. Especially when they’re just about to launch the Cygnet, which many fans of the manufacturer are appalled about.

Aston Martin are widely considered to be one of the coolest brands in the world. These videos are an embarrassment to their name.

Below are the videos, starting with part 1:

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