BMW 5 Series and Touring colours guide and prices

BMW’s 5 Series and 5 Series Touring offers everything the modern business car buyer wants – a powerful, fuel-efficient engine, a relaxed yet composed driving experience and plenty of technology geared towards making life easier. It’s also offered in a range of paint colours but which should you pick? Entry-level 520d models have to pay £675 for metallic paints but these are standard elsewhere in the range.

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Non-metallic colours

Alpine White – £0

Alpine White is one of the two free colours offered for the 5 Series. It’s as inoffensive as a basic white will ever be so won’t be hard to sell to the used market. It will, however, be a pain to keep clean.

Jet Black – £0

Jet Black is the other free colour offered for the 5 Series. Black makes a safe choice on the used market but is unusual among darker colours because it’ll need frequent cleaning to keep it looking good.

Metallic colours

Black Sapphire – £675

Black Sapphire adds some extra metallic depth to the basic black finish. Again, it’ll be very easy to sell to the used market but will take regular cleaning to keep it on top form.

Cashmere Silver – £675

Cashmere Silver blends a light silver with beige elements, creating a colour reminiscent of champagne. Like most of the 5 Series’ understated colour palette, it won’t be hard to resell, although it’ll need frequent cleaning.

Glacier Silver – £675

Glacier Silver is fairly close to what you might call a conventional silver. This light, understated colour will be a popular choice for second hand buyers but will pick up road grime very quickly.

Imperial Blue Xirallic – £675

Imperial Blue Xirallic is a rich, deep shade that lends the 5 Series an upmarket look. Used buyers are unlikely to be put off by this colour and it shouldn’t require very frequent cleaning to stay looking good.

Sophisto Grey Xirallic – £675

Sophisto Grey Xirallic might have a pretty stupid name, but at least this rich gunmetal grey fulfils its sophisticated ambitions. As a darker colour, it’ll hide road grime for longer than a lighter rival, plus used buyers will be happy to take it off your hands.

Mineral White – £675

Mineral White starts where Alpine White leaves off, but introduces some metallic depth to the colour. Like most white cars, used buyers will be happy to take them off your hands but you’ll need to put in the hours scrubbing it.

Jatoba – £675

Jatoba is a rich, dark brown with metallic elements lending it some visual depth. Brown is one of the best colours for hiding road grime so you won’t need to wash it often to keep it looking good. This colour’s sheer subtlety means few used buyers will be put off by it.

Mediterranean Blue – £675

Believe it or not, this is probably the most colourful the 5 Series is going to get. Mediterranean Blue is a little lighter than Imperial Blue Xirallic but still errs towards the richer end of the scale. Used buyers will be happy with this colour and it’ll do a moderate job of hiding grime.

Atlas Cedar – £675

Atlas Cedar hovers somewhere between light brown, beige and gold. This warm colour will hide road dirt for a long time before it needs cleaning, although used buyers might choose a more conventional colour before they pick this one.

Bluestone – £675

Bluestone might have ‘blue’ in the name but there’s much more grey in there to our eyes. That said the hint of blue does make it a little more visually interesting than a conventional silver. Used buyers are unlikely to be put off this shade and only moderately frequent cleaning will be needed.

BMW Individual colours

Azurite Black – £1,740

The first of BMW’s pricey ‘Individual’ colours, Azurite Black drops a tiny hint of blue into the mix. It’s a handsome colour that’ll be easy to sell to the used market but don’t expect to make back the rather expensive purchase price. For our money, we’d stick with one of the more affordable black options.

Champagne Quartz – £1,740

Champagne Quartz echoes the blend of beige and gold found in Atlas Cedar but introduces a hint of metallic purple. While it sounds confusing, it actually looks nice in the metal although some used buyers will prefer a more conventional shade. Moderate cleaning will be needed to keep it looking good.

Almandine Brown Metallic – £1,740

This metallic brown shade is so dark, it might as well be another variant on black. Again, used buyers will probably look for more traditional colours first but at least you won’t have to clean it very frequently.

Rhodonite Silver Metallic – £1,740

Rhodonite Silver Metallic starts life as a normal silver colour but has very subtle hints of lilac introduced to give it more depth. Like any silver colour, used buyers won’t be put off by it but you’ll need to budget for lots of car wash visits.

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