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Goodwood Festival of Speed – Why you’ll love it

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is quite simply our favourite British car event. Here are ten reasons why you’ll love it and should pay it a visit.

The Festival of Speed is a motorshow held in a large country estate, and the main focus is on cars racing up the hilly drive. It’s a huge event, covering acres of land and there’s a lot to see and do. Here are our top ten reasons why we love it and think you should attend.


The range of cars

Goodwood Caterhdral Paddock. Credit - Paul Merlbert

The diversity of cars at Goodwood is huge, from the first cars ever made right up to modern day supercars. There are types of racing car from every era, rally cars, motorbikes, supercars and even the cars from the Whacky Races.


Assault on the senses

Goodwood Festival of Speed. Credit - Marcus Dodridge

Our single favourite thing about Goodwood are the wonderful noises that you hear all day. There are all sorts of cars racing up the hill and the noise they make is fantastic. At other motorshows you never get to hear what the cars sound like, at Goodwood you’ll get to hear them under full acceleration.

Enthusiasts will also enjoy the fantastic smells wafting about, including burning rubber from a burnout on the hill and fumes from hot exhausts.


Get close to cars worth millions

Goodwood Auto Union

Motorshows don’t let you anywhere near supercars, they’re fenced off from the crowds. At Goodwood there are no barriers, you can get right up close to cars which are worth more than most people’s dream house.


Celeb spotting

Jensen Button Goodwood. Credit - Marcus Dodridge

There’s always a bunch of F1 stars, racing drivers and other celebrities walking around. The racing drivers who attend are always happy to sign autographs and pose for a photo. Some famous people who are regulars include Rowan Atkinson, Chris Evans, Jodie Kidd and Nick Mason.


Air displays

Vulcan at Goodwood

All the recent Festivals of Speed have had some sort of air-display. Last year the Red Arrows did a fantastic show and there are usually some historic aircrafts flying overhead.


Get involved

Bowler at Goodwood - Marcus Dodridge

It’s not just sitting and watching cars go past, you can get in on the action too. Free activities include the Porsche driving experience, which is well worth the long wait. You get driven around a muddy field in a Cayenne and their drivers don’t hold back! Another is the Land Rover obstacle course which really shows just what their cars are capable off.

Paid activities include being driven round a bumpy dirt course in a Bumper Wildcat or in off-road go karts.


The Supercar Paddock

Supercar Paddock Goodwood

For many people this is the highlight of the show, a chance to see pretty much every modern super-car in one place. There’s normally a couple of Veyrons, Zondas and just about every new Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin, all in one place.

Another plus is that there’s normally an employee from each manufacturer next to their cars, who are always enthusiastic to answer questions about the cars.


Drive up the hill

Goodwood Moving Motorshow

Last year was the first time that members of the public have had a chance to drive up the famous hill. They hosted an event called the Moving Motorshow the day before the main event, where people who were interested in buying a new car can take it for a test drive by driving it up the hill.


The Cartier Style et Luxe

Goodwood Cartier. Credit - James Mann

This posh sounding part of the show is a design competition which is held on the lawn outside the house. It features some stunning classic cars, alongside an eccentric mix of odd concept cars, coachbuilt limousines and one-of-a-kind supercars. You’ll find cars there that you’ve never even seen or heard about before!


The Manufacturer stands

Goodwood Jaguar Stand

Many car manufacturers have stands at the Festival of Speed. These aren’t just small stands either, they’re giant! There you can sit in all the latest cars, get brochures, and there are normally a few freebies floating around.

The Festival of Speed is on from 30th June to 3rd July. For official information from Goodwood and to buy tickets visit – Goodwood Official Website

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