Mercedes Actros vs Scania R500 lorry drag race

October 30, 2020 by

It’s literally the biggest drag race we’ve ever staged as Mat and Yianni get their hands on Mercedes and Scania lorries.

Tap the video to watch the race:

Mat and Yianni really will drag race anything – even a pair of massive lorries. And that’s despite the fact they nothing about lorries and have never driven one before. Clearly, Yianni’s mate Danny, who lent us these huge trucks, is very brave – he needs them back at work after this…

Anyway, what have we actually got here? Mat is in the latest Mercedes Actros ‘tractor unit’, complete with digital rear-view mirrors like you get on the Honda e. It’s powered by a turbocharged 10.7-litre diesel engine producing 480hp. The power is sent through a 12-speed automatic gearbox to the third axle (it’s two-wheel-drive).

Yianni is driving a Scania R500 tractor unit with a 13.0-litre turbo diesel motor producing 500hp. Its second axle is driven via a 14-speed automatic gearbox. And you thought Mercedes’ 9-speed automatic had too many gears…

These lorries aren’t just enormous, they’re a bit confusing and feel weird to drive. They’re also limited to 56mph.

Obviously, then, this will be the slowest carwow drag race there has ever been, but there’s real jeopardy here because Mat and Yianni won’t just be racing these trucks on their own – they’ll also add in a pair of 44-tonne trailers for good measure…

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