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Motoexpo 2012 – The Free Motor Show!

ooking for something to do this weekend? Head to Motorexpo, which is the largest free motor show in the UK. Its set in the heart of Canary Wharf, which explains the huge amount of smartly dressed people walking around, not what you normally see at a motor show!
Nestled in between huge skyscrapers there are small areas crammed with all the latest new cars. The entrance to the show is in the lobby of some large bank or other, and scattered in between the reception desk and lifts were all the latest supercars, including the current Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce range.
It wasnt just luxury cars though, most of the large manufacturers had their range on display. Chrysler invited us down to Motorexpo take a look at the new 300C, so after a quick look at the beautiful matte blue M5 at the BMW stand, we headed straight to the Chrysler pitch to check out the new Chrysler 300C.
Chryslers old 300C was a big success, partly we think because so many people thought it looked like a Bentley. The styling for the new one isnt quite so in-your-face, theyve toned it down a lot, but it still looks smart and elegant. The large Chrome wheel and muscular stance leave no one in doubt that this is still a true American car.
Inside theres a luxurious interior, the highlight of which is the excellent instrument panel which are blue-lit and look very modern. The steering wheel is reassuringly thick and there are no large pillars blocking visibility. The boot is large, though the shape of it is unusual.
The 300C Limited spec starts at 35,995 and the standard equipment list is generous, including heated seats for all passengers, LED running lights and load levelling suspension.
The Executive edition kicks off at 39,995 and adds keyless entry, Nappa leather, blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. Find out more about all the different adding options on the Chrysler website.
Both versions get a 3.0 V6 diesel that pumps out 236 bhp yet still returns a decent (for an American car) mpg of 39.8.
Its worth heading to the show this weekend if you can, its easy to get there and the majority of new cars on sale are all there. If youre interested in the 300C you can arrange a test drive and there are three cars there to look at. If you cant make it, then you can order a test drive now and youll local Chrysler dealer will provide one.
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